Sircam mail filter for PSU Math

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Self installation

  1. Open up .forward in your home directory with your favorite text editor.

  2. If you have no special needs, type:

    "|/usr/local/bin/desircamify -u username"

    exactly as shown (including the quotes), but all on the first line. You also need to change username to be your login name. After you save your changes this will remove all Sircam infected messages from any further mail you receive. You will continue to receive clean mail in your In-Box. Your "In-Box" is also referred to as your system mail file, and sits in /var/spool/mail (also called /var/mail) with the same name as your login name.

  3. If you need anything more, read the options table for directions, or email for assistance. Please be sure to indicate you want help with desircamify in your subject line so we can assist you promptly.

General documentation