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Database behind Blogs (and other things) upgraded today

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Samba server upgrade

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Starting October 20th, and ending this morning, we upgraded each of the 6 Samba (SMB/CIFS) PASS Gateways.  They now have more CPUs, faster CPUs, more memory, use a 64-bit instead of 32-bit version of the OS, and a slightly newer version of Samba.  This may yield some better performance for some operations and negate some performance problems we've seen lately.

Also on the 20th, we switched to a more intelligent load balancer probe.  Instead of a simple ping, the load balancer now also performs an HTTP request for a custom CGI program that runs on each gateway server.  This CGI performs a number of health checks, including number of smbd processes (too many or too few?), swap usage, system load, and answer the implicit question, "is there enough user space time available to answer the probe?" which would imply there is enough time for smbd processes to respond to requests.  There was one incident during the trouble described in alert-1213 where this too was a problem.

As for alert-1213, we expect that the LDAP upgrade slated for the 15th, as described in alert-1279 will address it with faster LDAP servers.

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