Fall Semester 2009 Changes

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Several changes occurred with AIT provided services in the past few weeks/months, including:

  1. https://umg.its.psu.edu/ - upgraded Aug 14, now supports bulk add/remove features

  2. http://blogs.psu.edu/ - upgraded Aug 17, now supports protected blogs

  3. PASS Personal quota - upgraded today (Aug 24) to support self increases to 10 GB via https://www.work.psu.edu/

  4. https://explorer.pass.psu.edu/ - added new "Permissions" button on Aug 22 to replace the "File Sharing" button obsoleted by the 2008 PASS Migration

  5. https://protected.personal.psu.edu/ - security fix added Aug 23; symbolic links are no longer supported

  6. The cost for leased PASS just dropped at the start of this fiscal year.  Effective July 1, 2009, the cost dropped from $0.02 / MB / year to $0.08 / GB / month.
  • Note, there is now a required minimum of 15 GB for new departmental space and all space increase requests.

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This is all such killer stuff! I know the Clubs people are going to be very happy. Looks like we'll do a "manual pilot" with no more than 10 clubs this fall to gather feedback. I imagine we should circle the wagons and start talking about what changes we need to get to with the club server admin tools.

Great stuff, Jeff!

Sure Cole. I have a club of my own I'd love to include in the pilot, and a couple other suggestibles.

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