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Samba Quota Reporting and ACL Bug Fixes

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Samba Quota Reporting Change

This morning (Nov 14, 2008), the / / (etc.) PASS Gateway servers will now report a very large quota for the shares they support, such as the \pass share or the \homes share.  This corrects a problem some users encountered when a copy of a large number of files and/or large single files into PASS stopped prematurely due to a quota error despite having enough free quota space to store the requested files.  Because share quotas reported over the CIFS protocol do not correspond directly to PASS quotas - a given share may contain many PASS quota areas - e.g. the \pass share contains all of them, there is no good way to reflect the real quota this way.  Instead, this technique will bypass the large copy problems.  The CIFS protocol will still properly report when a user has exceeded a quota and users may use to view and increase quotas for their personal space.  Student organizations may view and increase quotas for their Web space on via

A tool to view quotas for other areas should be available at a future date.

ACL Bug Fix

Two days ago (Nov 12, 2008), we fixed a bug in the PASS File Permissions Tool where turning off world readable permissions (under "Extra Permissions" on the View Permissions page) did not appear to remove this permission.  The problem was with how the tool misinterpreted the simple permissions from the raw NFSv4 ACL when there were multiple NFSv4 ACL entries, such as on folder that was changed after the ACL was inherited from a parent folder.

Both of these changes occurred during the regularly scheduled ITS maintenance windows, 5:00 - 7:00 a.m. Eastern time.

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