University to Significantly Increase Personal PASS Resources

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Here is an announcement that has made its way to a few other places:

On October 1, Penn State Information Technology Services (ITS) will significantly increase the amount of personal storage space available to University community members from the current 1 gigabyte (GB) maximum, to 5GB of space for course work, research, Web projects, portfolios, personal blogging, graphics, photos and more. In addition to the increase, users will also be able to take advantage of a new utility that provides the ability to recreate one's PASS home folder (or other folders stored in PASS), if these folders are accidentally deleted.  For details and instructions related to this feature, please visit the ITS Knowledge Base at and search on the criteria "Recreating PASS Space."

Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) provides universally accessible disk and file-storage space for use by students, faculty, and staff at Penn State. Participants are initially allocated 500 MB of online storage space upon receipt of a Penn State Access Account. Users can increase their storage allocations to 5GB via the ITS Secure Server's quota utility at PASS is also available for departmental and course use.

Inquiries and requests for assistance should be directed to ITS Help Desk staff at

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What this note does not mention is that student organizations with space on and also get the same quota as personal folders.

They will also get the 500 MB (500,000 KB) default quota upon creation, with the ability to increase it later to 1 GB (1,000,000 KB) today and to 5 GB (5,000,000 KB) starting Wednesday morning. While personal quotas may be updated on, student organization quotas may be updated on

For those keeping score, KB = 1,024 bytes, but all larger units are counted in base 10 thousands (e.g. MB = 1,000 KB, etc.) for measuring quotas in PASS.

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