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University to Significantly Increase Personal PASS Resources

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Here is an announcement that has made its way to a few other places:

On October 1, Penn State Information Technology Services (ITS) will significantly increase the amount of personal storage space available to University community members from the current 1 gigabyte (GB) maximum, to 5GB of space for course work, research, Web projects, portfolios, personal blogging, graphics, photos and more. In addition to the increase, users will also be able to take advantage of a new utility that provides the ability to recreate one's PASS home folder (or other folders stored in PASS), if these folders are accidentally deleted.  For details and instructions related to this feature, please visit the ITS Knowledge Base at and search on the criteria "Recreating PASS Space."

Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) provides universally accessible disk and file-storage space for use by students, faculty, and staff at Penn State. Participants are initially allocated 500 MB of online storage space upon receipt of a Penn State Access Account. Users can increase their storage allocations to 5GB via the ITS Secure Server's quota utility at PASS is also available for departmental and course use.

Inquiries and requests for assistance should be directed to ITS Help Desk staff at

Web based chsh online

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Today, we added the loginShell attribute to the Directory Update page on  This is the center column link for "Add/Change Other Directory Information".

This allows users to set their preferred UNIX login shell for the (AIX) and (Linux) remote login clusters and CLC Linux labs.  Eventually, this will also apply to the (Solaris) remote login cluster when LDAP integration is finished on that system.  For the interim, users may update their shell on cbs as they had in the past, by sending an e-mail request to

Note that the chsh command line program may exist on these systems, but will not work as one would hope.

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