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3 Changes to PASS for Fall Semester

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Tonight, we added the last of 3 changes that occurred to PASS tools over the past week:

  1. On Tuesday, August 19, now automatically redirects .php files to so SSL secured, potentially WebAccess protected Course Online Account content may be automatically handled for PHP.  Further detailed usage instructions is forthcoming.
  2. On Friday, August 22, content on under the File Transfer section was updated, including:
    1. The "Utility to mount PASS and UDrive" for Macintosh was updated to support NFS on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
    2. A new "SSH Key Fix" utility for Macintosh and UNIX/Linux systems was released to automatically update the SSH host keys used for the Secure FTP to PASS service and UNIX remote login cluster.
    3. "Kerberos settings for PASS and UDrive Access" was expanded to include Macintosh and UNIX/Linux systems.
  3. Tonight (Sunday, August 24), some changes were made to the PASS File Permissions Manager tool within the PASS Explorer (, which you may consider release version 1.1:
    1. When viewing permissions, such as in a user's www folder, permissions that allow everyone who can connect to PASS or see the content from a Web server to read the content is now displayed.
    2. An "Extra Permissions" button was added, which allows one to enable/disable world readable permissions as well as enable/disable file execution permission on any file/folder.
    3. The add permissons by groups page now has a <Add Other> button, which will allow a user to add a group in which he/she is not a member.

ITS to discontinue addresses from PASS migration on Aug. 18

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To echo what has gone out to the newswire:

ITS to discontinue addresses from PASS migration on Aug. 18

Information Technology Services (ITS) on Aug. 18, will discontinue all
Internet addresses (inclusive of hostnames, URLs, etc.) used during the PASS
pre-migration period, July 3-7. Users who had participated in the
pre-migration testing and used temporary addresses for PASS services and
systems, will now need to update any references, such as bookmarks or
"favorites" settings, to reflect the new and permanent addresses.

Read the full story on Live:

JD now manager

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In personnel news, today I was promoted to be the manager of my group, Enabling Technologies Group in Applied Information Technologies (AIT), Consulting and Support Services (CSS) of Information Technology Services (ITS).  This does seem exciting, even after enjoying my time as systems analyst / programmer.  We'll see how this new manager / research programmer role suits me.  Wish me luck.

I'll continue to blog here our developments as this "new smelling" PASS develops into its own.

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