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Unveiling the Beta Test (almost)

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Today I'll get a chance to unveil details on the new PASS Beta Test environment to NWOP.

Sadly, unfinished business with higher priorities for the start of the semester (e-mail) have stolen some key human resources away, so the new environment won't be ready today as we wished. We hope to have it up the first few weeks of the semester. It may be just as well. Most of those I would ask to help have their own pre-semester IT "fires" to extinguish and the semester is already upon us.

At this point, I believe we will spend most of this semester augmenting the Beta Test environment in phases, each with increasing complexity. Since it is easier to build a gateway service that needs to speak only one authentication/authorization language and to only one file-system, we will test the gateways as they should appear after the migration has finished first. Later we will test the gateways that can handle both DCE and MIT Kerberos/LDAP as well as both DFS and GPFS which they will need to do during the migration. Other tests such as Web applications (e.g. PASS Explorer and ACL Explorer/Reset, etc.) will also be tested somewhere in the mix.

I have a site with details better kept in a conventionally time static (i.e. not a blog) site at:

So for today, I can at least extend the invite. Do you want to help us test? Send me an email with the info I request on the site above.


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