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Fun in the Summer Sun!

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We are...Penn State!

Hopefully the summer months are going well for you.  I have a couple of reminders that I would like to send out.  If you are freshman starting in August, be sure to mark your calendars now for August 19 and August 20.

Convocation will be held during the evening on August 19.  The exact time is to be determined.  Check your mail in July for the times.  This evening will be your official welcome to the Penn State Community.

Student Life Orientation will be on August 20.  This is a very fun and informative day full of activities, team building, and Penn State student life!  Check your mailboxes in July for times and more information or call 724-430-4248. 

Both of these events are mandatory for incoming students!

Also, be sure to attend your FTCAP session throughout the summer.  If you have any questions, call the Admissions Department at 724-430-4130.

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