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First Day - Welcome Back!

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We are... Penn State!

I hope everyone's first day went well!  From what I saw, everyone seemed fine and enjoyed getting back in to the swing of things.  The staff and faculty seemed busy, but were happy nonetheless that all of the students were back.  How was your first day?  I would love to hear about it!  Feel free to comment and ask for help if there is anything you need. 

I just wanted to take this time and remind everyone about the events this week on campus.  Be sure to stop by the Student Activities Office in the Williams Building and pick up your activities brochure as well as your punch card.  In your brochure, you will find all the events going on this semester as well as the details explaining your punch card. 

Also, in the hallway by the Student Activities Office, you will find information about the clubs and organizations on campus.  Feel free to look around and sign up for the ones that you wish to join.  If you have any questions, I'm also a good lion to ask.  I love helping students get involved! 

Lastly, this Thursday is our annual Welcome Back Barbecue.  If the weather is nice, look for us outside in front of the Williams Building.  If it rains, we will be inside of the Williams Building in the Student Center.  Listen for the steel drum music!   Be sure to get there early; everyone loves free food!  I'll be sure to save some for you. 

Until next time,

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Summer is over already?!?!

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We are... Penn State,

          I do not know about you, but the summer has flown by!  I cannot believe it is already time to greet students again for Freshmen Orientation on August 21.  Throughout the summer, I made a few appearances at potential student events, relaxed in the cool air conditioning on campus, and stayed out of the hot sun.  It is tough being a lion in the hot summer sun, you know? 
          Throughout the summer, it gave me a break to rest and reflect on the past year.  From entertaining the crowd at the first annual Coal and Coke Heritage Music Festival, to taking photographs with those who went to the first annual Blues and White Gala; it sure has been great to be a part of these new events in the Penn State Fayette community!  Other events that I am glad I was a part of was canning with the THON team and helping them raise the top amount among commonwealth campuses, entertaining the crowd at the Santa's arrival parade at Uniontown Mall with the Eat N' Park Smiley Cookie, and leading the group on campus for the Healthier Steps to Fayette County walk.  
          Look for me on campus this year, say hello, and take a picture with me, I am very photogenic!  I promise I do not bite... anymore!  I have gotten better with that the past year, too.  Stay cool, stay safe, and let's go State! 
          See you soon,

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