Istvan Albert, Bioinformatics, Penn State

Once a year, typically in the Fall, I teach the BMMB 852 Applied Bioinformatics course. The course was most recently offered in the Fall of 2014 and has been reworked to provide the knowledge needed for the genomic data analysis of the Ebola virus responsible for 2014 West Africa Ebola virus outbreak. Typically the course fills up very quickly once registration opens.

Previous years' lectures can be accessed here.

I serve as director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Bioinformatics offered via the Penn State World Campus. The certificate builds on courses developed for the Bioinformatics and Genomics Ph.D option at Penn State with materials reworked for the online format. The Certificate requires the completion of 4 courses (11 credits) and can be completed in a year.

Learn more about the program.

I have worked and published in three distinct scientific fields: bioinformatics, computer science and statistical physics. Lately I have been working mostly in collaborations via the Bioinformatics Consulting Center. In this capacity I advise and meet with students from a wide range of departments.

A reasonably up to date list of publications.

Five years ago I have created the Biostars: Question and Answer website that runs on an open source software and aims to support and sustain scientific communities. Today it serves over 2 million users a year and it has become the most visited bioinformatics information resource in the world.

Biostars Activity during one week in March 2015. Questions are labeled as red nodes. Answers and comments are green. Each day creates a new parent node in the tree.

I have extensive software engineering experience having served as primary or lead developer on numerous web-enabled software tools. I am a certified Java and XML developer but currently I program in Python (see Python vs Perl)

Writing code is one of my passions. Even this website is generated with a custom software that I have written: PyBlue.

I serve as the director of the Bioinformatics Consulting Center (BCC) at Penn State. Our center offers bioinformatics data analysis services that cover multiple application domains of high throughput sequencing. Services range from routine data manipulation steps to developing novel, domain specific methodologies. Our center is also in charge of distributing and managing the sequencing data produced by the Penn State Genomics Core Sequencing Facilities.

Visit the Bioinformatics Consulting Center for more details.

Istvan Albert Portrait

Dr. István Albert

Associate Professor, Bioinformatics

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department
Director of the Bioinformatics Consulting Center
Director of the Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics
Pennsylvania State University
Office: W237 Millennium Science Center
Phone: (814) 865-2281

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