Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat  

Ozbolat Lab at the Penn State University focuses on establishing cutting-edge bioprinting science and technology for engineering around 10 different tissue types. The research group has been engaged in several projects sponsored by governmental agencies, private corporations, local agencies and industry. The current research interests include:
    1. Bioprinting of pancreatic organ for type-I diabetes
    2. Vascular and vascularized tissue printing and angiogenesis
    3. In-situ composite tissue printing
    4. Scaffold-free tissue printing
    5. Bioprinting of organ-a-chip models including cancer, pancreas and     heart
    6. Development of new bioinks for advanced tissue printing
    7. Development of new bioprinter technologies
    8. Understanding physics of bioprinting  processes
    9. Bioprinting tumor models for immune-cancer cell interactions.

Short Biography

Dr. Ozbolat is a Harzt Family Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics Department, Biomedical Engineering Department, and a faculty member of the Huck Instiututes of the Life Sciences, Materials Research Institute, Center for Neural Engineering, Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition, and Center for Research on Advanced Fiber Technologies at the Penn State University. Previously, he was a faculty member of The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA and spearheaded Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group and the Biomanufacturing Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in tissue  engineering  from the University at Buffalo (SUNY) in Buffalo, New York, and dual B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

Dr. Ozbolat's major research thrust is in the area of Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering. His research on bioprinting for tissue and organ fabrication has been published in several high quality of venues, received various awards and featured in national and international media, broadcast TVs  and press numerous times. He frequently give talks at national and international forums, conferences and seminars and organizes demonstrations and events to public and youth to encourage participation of future's engineers in medicine, engineering and science. His technology spun off two start-up companies and he is a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Alpha Pi Mu, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society.

Dr. Ozbolat is the recipient of numerous national and international prestigious awards including: 

1. Harzt Family Career Professorship in Engineering (2017)
2. FAME Jr Award, the International Outstanding Young Researcher in 
Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Award (2015)
3. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Early Career IE in Academia Award (2015)
4. Who's Who in America (2015)

5. ASME Chao and Trigger Young Manufacturing Engineer Award (2014)

6. ASME Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal Award (2014)
National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award (2014) 
8. So
ciety of Manufacturing Engineers Outstanding Young 
 Manufacturing Engineer Award (2014)
9. IIE Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Manufacturing and Design Best Track Paper, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2013)
10. Article Selected in 2013 Highlights of Biofabrication, IOP (2013)

11. Start up Launch Award, The University of Iowa (2013)
12. Leadership Award, Center for Computer-Aided Design (2013)

13. Inn
ovations in Teaching with Technology Award, Iowa City (2013)
14. Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award, Iowa City (2012)
15. The University of Iowa Old Gold Summer Fellowship Award (2012)

16. 3rd Prize Recipient in the UB Engineering Graduate Student Poster Competition (2010)
17. Winner of Industrial & Systems Engineering Department Poster Competition (2010)
18. University at Buffalo, Graduate Research Assistantship (sponsored
by DOD) (2009)
19. University at Buffalo, Graduate Teaching Assistantship (2007, 2009)

20. Turkish National Education Foundation Scholar for Undergraduate Study (2002-2006)

21. Bronze Medal, 3rd International Mathematics Olympics, The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey (1998)

Upcoming Talks

Invited Keynote Talk: "TBD", Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Conference,  Sao  Paulo, Brazil (January 2019).

Invited Keynote Talk: "TBD", Cellink Partnership Conference, Miami, FL (November 2018).

Invited Keynote Talk: "Bioprinting for 3D Cancer Microenvironment", 2nd Worskop on Biofabrication and Cancer, Bordeaux, France (June 2018).

Buchanan Lecture: 3D Bioprinting of Cartilage Tissue for Osteoarthiritis, Department of Orthopeadics and Rehabilitation, Hershey, PA (June 2018).

Invited Talk: 3D Bioprinting, ARMI Biofabrication Workshop, BiofabUSA, Manchester, NH (June 2018).

Keynote Talk: In-situ Bioprinting for Craniofacial Reconstruction, 3rd International Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine, Leipzig, Germany (May 2018)

Invited Talk: Intraoperative bioprinting of composite tissues for craniofacial reconstuctrion, EB Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA (April 2018).

Invited Talk: 3D Bioprinting of Living Tissues and Organs, 2nd Annual 3D Medical Applications Conference, Boston, MA (March 2018).

Invited Talk: Bioprinting Research at Penn State, NASA, San Francisco, CA (March 2018).

Keynote: 3D Bioprinting of Living Tissues, Mid-Atlantic Biomaterials Day (March 2018).

On the News (see the media kit)

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Interviewed by CCTV America 
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Lab featured in Nature
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