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Some Current Working Papers (in *.pdf format):

"Optimal Policies for Recovering the Value of Consumer Returns" (with Paolo Letizia); forthcoming in Production and Operations Management.

“Optimal Compensation with Earnings Manipulation:  Managerial Ownership and Retention” (with Thomas Gresik)

“Multidimensional Screening in Insurance Markets with Adverse Selection" (with Arthur Snow); Journal of Risk and Insurance (June 2011)

“The Economics of Earnings Manipulation and Managerial Compensation” (with Joel Slemrod); RAND Journal of Economics (Autumn 2007); NBER Working Paper 12645

“Background Risk and the Performance of Insurance Markets under Adverse Selection” (with Arthur Snow); Geneva Risk and Insurance Review (2008)



Some Past Work (not in academic journals) that may be of interest:

"The Theory of Risk Classification"  (with Arthur Snow), in The Handbook of Insurance (G. Dionne, ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers (2000); Revised for 2nd Edition, 2012.

“Managing Risk Before it Manages You”, in The Financial Times (October 11, 1999)

“Dangerous Intersections” (with David Feber and Judith Feldmeier), in Best’s Review (March 2000)


My Current Curriculum Vitae .