The City that Never Sleeps

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New York! Where do I even begin? Since we arrived home, it has just been nonstop studying for exams, catching up on reading, writing papers, etc.; however, now I finally have a few moments to sit and reflect on this absolutely incredible, unbelievable, amazing, once in a lifetime trip! First, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Hintz who made the trip possible. I am still so in awe of the fact that they have sponsored this grand opportunity for us. I really enjoyed their company during our time in New York and I hope it is not too long before we see them again. I also want to thank Dr. Spanier, Dean Brady, Melissa, and Lisa for all their efforts in organizing this trip and making it a complete success. 

After going to classes, attending meetings, and doing homework day in and day out, it is easy to forget about the world beyond State College. The moment we stepped foot off the bus in Chinatown, a burst of life ran through me. The fast pace of the city and diversity was invigorating. I thought the restaurant was such a neat experience and although I could not enjoy the food with everyone, the atmosphere was so unique and I had a really great time. The ferry to Ellis Island was definitely another highlight. The weather could not have been more perfect! The way the sun hit the water and the cool breeze across my face created such a peaceful and beautiful experience. While at Ellis Island, I got into a really great discussion with Chris that made the experience even more memorable. Thanks Chris! Our walk through Washington Square was another enjoyable experience and since August Rush is one of my favorite movies, I was excited to be in the place it was filmed!

Monday was quite a long and overwhelming day. I felt privileged to be able to meet and listen to Brian Ross, Karen, and the many other guest speakers of that day. They offered such great insight on a variety of topics and left me interested in learning more on my own and really diving deeper into topics like the stock market and mutual funds. My dad has always been very involved in investing and has successfully advised many people on what to do with their money. It's time I sit down with him and have him show me the ropes because the speakers really sparked my interests and I now want to become more knowledgeable in these areas. 

The speaker I especially enjoyed was Brian Ross. I am pursuing a career in broadcast journalism and was interested most in what he had to say. His explanation of the Bernie Maddoff case provided a clear understanding of what actually occurred and for the first time I really understood the facts. He is such an accomplished man and I feel if I do an eighth of what he has, I will feel successful. His story is inspiring. Mr. Ross, President Spanier, and Mr. Hintz all convey that perseverance, hard work, and lack of fear are the keys to achievement.

I must admit that while I was excited for this trip, I was also a bit nervous as well. Sometimes I feel intimidated by the PLA as my expertise is not in many of the topics we often discuss; however, the trip to New York taught me that it really is not about how much you know, but it is more about how you present yourself; your professionalism and your personality. This trip allowed me to form stronger connections with my peers and was so refreshing after what has been a long and stressful fall semester. This is certainly not the only time I will be writing about our time in the city that never sleeps.

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