Pictures from Resica Falls Scout Reservation, circa 1974-1980:

This site is dedicated to Dr. Paul "Noodles" Neill, 1956-2008.

Ecology Director, Scoutcraft Director, Program Director, Leader, Mentor, and Friend


Big Springs Pictures, 1971-1976 -- this is a directory of pictures provided by David Weaver

Great Bend Pictures:

Map of Great Bend

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Staff Animal Ball -- Great Bend Pool

Cool Dip Bridge, Bushkill River

Dale Dohner and Dave Weaver -- Big Springs Staff

Bob Johnson rebuilding Cool Dip Bridge

Biggest wooden tower ever assembled at Resica Falls, under construction!

View of the tower going up

From the bottom looking up


The tower rises again! This is the 1976 Great Bend staff. With Paul Neill standing by, the staff are (front to back): Tom Tynan, Steve Atwood, Paul Heinemann, Dave Glueck, Larry Kelly, Frank Johnson, Townsend Velkoff, Mike Haubert, Eric Fowler, ?, Kyle Rambo, ?, Joe Bonner, ?(need help here!), Ed Cizek, and ?

View of the tower

Campwide competition event

Staff listing on 1976 Great Bend Staff plaque


Frank Johnson at campfire

Songfest picture

Another songfest picture, Paul Heinemann on guitar

"All out for Scouting", Bob Johnson, Dave Glueck in background, right

Bill Garrity and Tom Fitzpatrick giving cooking demo at Scoutcraft

Ed Cizek at Signal Mountain

Campwide competition event

Scoutcraft site

Dottie and Kimberly Kane at Scoutcraft


Fossil Rock -- the best in swimming holes

A shot of the beaver dam on the south side of the Bushkill River, not too far from Great Bend and Big Springs camps (Tom Fitzgerald, Scott Hall, Ed Cizek).

The staff plaque for Great Bend, 1978. It is a nice wood burn and painting of the above beaver dam picture. Ed Cizek, Paul Heinemann, and Frank Renner presenting.

Another view of the plaque

Bill Kane and Paul Heinemann, Great Bend dining hall

Frank Johnson and Bill Green, conehead skit

Great Bend takedown - Ed Cizek

A typical songfest with Paul Heinemann on guitar

Steve Burinsky and Ed Cizek

Tom Fitzpatrick as waiter; Another shot of Tom

Jim Bidlack at Ecology

Tom Fitzpatrick and Ed Cizek at Cool Dip

Dave Tynan snake demo

Campwide events: 1 2 3 4 5 6


Archery Range

Camp Activity

Dave Jenzaizek, counselor (check spelling)

Sunset at Great Bend

Jim Bidlack, Ecology Director

Bill Kane (camp director) and family

Great Bend Kitchen

Len Schrom as staff waiter

Rifle Range


Another Roofball shot


Staff chess match with Brian Kane looking on




The falls after Hurricane Ivan

Another shot of the falls after Hurricane Ivan


1975 (color)

Wyncote Troop 116 Pictures

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