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I am an ABD Ph.D. candidate in College of Communications at Penn State University. My research interest is in the social and psychological effects of communication technology: how we interact with technology and through technology; how technology shapes our minds, behaviors and our society. Currently, I am working on my dissertation that investigate how interactive information visualization engage users with information processing. During my doctoral training, I have been involved in an NSF-funded project examining the effect of interactive interface. I also research about human interaction with advanced technology such as Internet of Things, ubiquitous computing, etc., as well as international communication and cross-cultural comparison. For more details, please see my vita here.

I have been teaching undergraduate classes since 2011 fall. My teaching interests mainly focus on communication theory, communication technology, media effects, research methods and international communication. Before teaching, I have been a teaching assistant for multiple graduate and undergraduate courses. I also have given guest lectures on various topics including advertising research, international media system, social media, cross-cultural comparisons and so forth. More of my teaching experience and philosophy can be found on my teaching page.

In appreciation of the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject of Communications and our graduate program, I, together with several colleagues, initiated the Graduate Student Forum (now named Comm Grad Forum) in 2009. We have successfully organized several events and a conference that aim at encouraging academic discourse among graduate students. If you are interested, please read more on my blog.

Before I came to State College, PA, I lived in the city of Harbin in the northeast of China, where the winter lasts for five months and people build real-size castles with ice chunks. I earned my Bachelor degree in Atmospheric Sciences at Peking University, Beijing. My blog banner shows a collage of an image of my former school, PKU (Peking University), and my current institution, PSU (Penn State University). Image copyright: Fang Wang (left) and Yuning Shi (right).

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