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"Humans are being trapped in a high-tech cycle that is freezing their minds away from living in the moment, looking at life and taking in what's around them," writes Celente. "While technology has radically altered the externals of life, it has done nothing demonstrable to enhance the internals: moral, emotional, philosophical and spiritual values."

- Taken from "Technoslave" essay posted at, which was referenced by an essay on "How cell phones hurt communities".

Having a definite Buddhist influence in my thinking, this seems to me to be a fairly obvious observation. But it isn't just technology, it seems like it is our whole consumer/entertainment culture that seems to support us in avoiding ourselves and each other. And while I usually avoid SMS and IM, I am as caught up in my technology use as anyone. I sometimes feel like a wanna-be Luddite who is studying technology. But what else can we do? The world has gone down a certain path.

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Harry this is a great thought! I have noticed that the 12 year old who lives in my house has her cell phone surgically attached to her hand... she is never without it yet her communication skills are lacking. when I ask her what she did in school...she doesn't know. What does she want to be when she grows up... she doesn't know. What is the proper route to get home from the store...she doesn't know. For a girl who can't live without her personal communication device, she does not communicate well at all.

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