Apple, Inc. Patent Trolling Google Over Android

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A patent troll is a pejorative term used to refer to an entity that asserts patents against others without itself practicing the inventions claimed in the patents (Ferrera).  In early 2012 Apple, Inc. filed suit against Android phone maker, Samsung Electronics.  Apple claims that Samsung and Google are infringing upon several Apple owned patents with their Android smartphones.  These patents include "data tapping" such as tapping on a phone number to call it, slide to unlock, unified search, and automatic text correction.

Android phones pack some similar features to Apple's iPhone, but upon using an Android phone most will notice that the two are vastly different.  Apple has previously and unsuccessfully filed suit against Android phone makers, but this time experts believe that Apple has a stronger case.  This could spell trouble for both Samsung and Android/Google if Apple proves these companies are infringing upon their patents.

Personally, I think Apple is trying to make up for a lack of recent innovation with suits against Android phone makers.  In Apple's most recent update of its iOS mobile operating system that runs on the iPhone, Apple included a new pull-down notification system that is a blatant rip off of an Android feature that had been around for two years prior.  Google didn't cry foul over this, they just kept working on the next version of Android.  In addition to Samsung, Apple has filed suits against several other Android phone makers such as HTC and Motorola.

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