Gary J. Weisel
Professor of Physics 
Altoona Physics Department
(814) 949-5175 (office)
E-mail: gxw20 (
103F Sheetz Center 
Penn State Altoona
3000 Ivyside Park
Altoona, PA 16601



Ph.D., Department of History, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, August, 2001 (History of Science)

Ph.D., Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC, May, 1992 (Nuclear Physics)

M.A., Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC, December, 1987

B.S., Department of Physics, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, May, 1978 

classes taught

Astro001 Astronomical Universe
Hist 001 The Western Heritage I
Hist 002 The Western Heritage II
Hist 122 History of Science I
Hist 123 History of Science II
Hist 428 The Darwinian Revolution
Phys 001 The Science of Physics
Phys 150 Technical Physics I
Phys 151 Technical Physics II
Phys 211 Mechanics
Phys 212 Electricity and Magnetism
Phys 213 Fluids, Waves, and Thermal Physics
Phys 214 Optics and Modern Physics
Phys 237 Modern Physics
Phys 250 Introductory Physics I
Phys 251 Introductory Physics II
Phys 400 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
Phys 419 Theoretical Mechanics
RTE 301 Railroad Industry Overview and Economic Regulation
Sci 400 Consequences of Science

curriculum vitae

GJW's Curriculum Vitae (html)
research interests

Nuclear physics

Materials science

History of twentieth century physics

History of American railroads


Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory
Materials Research Institute
American Physical Society
Association of American Railroads