Recent Publications

1.      Gary King, Anthony Polednak, Robert Bendel, My C. Vilsaint, Sunny Nahata. Disparities in smoking cessation among African Americans and White Americans.  American Journal of Public Health, in press.  

2.      Gary King, Robyn Mallett, Robert Bendel, Sunny Nahata. The Master Settlement Agreement and African Americans: Opinions about the allocation of resources. American Journal of Health Promotion, in press.

3.      Gary King, Alan J. Flisher, Farzad Noubary, Robert Reece, Adele Marias, Carl Lombard. Substance abuse and behavioral correlates of sexual assault among South African adolescents. Child Abuse and Neglect: An International Journal, in press.

4.      Loic Josseran, Gary King, Phillippe Guilbert, Jovan Davis, Gilles Brucker. Smoking by French general practitioners: behavior, attitudes and practice. European Journal of Public Health, in press.

5.      Fagan Peebles, Gary King, Deirdre Lawrence, Sallie Petrucci,  Bob Robinson, David Banks, Sharon Marable, Rachel Grana.  Eliminating tobacco-related health disparities: directions for future research.  American Journal of Public Health. 2004 Feb;94(2):211-7.

6.      Gary King, Robyn Mallett, Lynn Kozlowski, Robert Bendel.  African American attitudes toward cigarette excise taxes. American Journal of Public Health 2003;93:828-834. 

7.      Gary King, Alan Flisher, Robyn Mallett, John Graham, Carl Lombard, Tanya Rawson, Neo K. Morojele and Martie Muller.  Smoking in Cape Town: Community Influences on Adolescent Tobacco Use.  Preventive Medicine; 2003; 36: 114-123. 

8.      Gary King, Trocme, Nico and Nandita Thatte. Correlates of substantiation of maltreatment in the Third National Incidence Study of child abuse and neglect. Child Maltreatment. 2003; 8:173-182.

9.      Isabella Annesi, Ricardo Pollitt, Gary King, Georgette Hellier, Josiane Sahuquillo, and Isabella Guy Huel. In utero exposure to lead and cord blood total IgE. Is there a connection?  European Journal of Allergy. 2003;58:589-594.

10. Regina B. Butler, Larry K. Brown, Janet R. Schultz, Ann D. Forsberg, Gary King, Susan M. Kocik, and Jarvis Dave L. Steven L. Schultz. Promoting Safer Sex Among HIV-Positive Youth: Theory, Intervention and Outcome. Haemophilia. 2003; 9: 214-222.



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