Disadvantages Of Computers

    There is no personal connection with an actual person when calling a government agency, local doctor or business.  Their voice mail will pick up announcing numbers to press for certain sections and subsections.  Many people do not like this because they wnt an actual human being to talk with about their personal business.

    Often computers take the place of people's jobs.  In certain areas of the country, ATM machines have taken the place of bank tellers.  This lets the bank managers cut their employment budget by having a computer rather than a paid employee do a job.  Our local unemployment offices now have call-in centers therefore, they no longer need unemployment claims interviewers causing people to get furloughed.  In factories, manual workers have lost their jobs due to powerful pieces of machinery taking his or her place.

    Some people feel that computers have taken the place of making telephone calls.  People now resort to using e-mail rather than picking up the telephone and making a personal phone call.  This can lead to a decrease in personal communication and interaction with family and friends.

    There are also many times in which computers fail to work.  This can lead to lost papers, information and data.  There was also the infamous Y2K bug that set half of the world in a panic on January 1, 2000.  At these times when computers do not work, things can take even longer than they might have if they would have been done by hand.