Computers and Our Society

   How Computers Effect Everyday Life:

    Our lives have been permanently altered due to technology, especially computers.  Everything we do revolves around computers.  Our assignments for class are required to be typed whereas in the past they could have been hand written.  Instead of people talking to their neighbors in person or even over the phone, they now can talk to them through instant message and ICQ.  They can even make phone calls from the computer instead of the telephone.

Although there is a lot less actual interaction between people because of computers, they are not all bad.  They allow people to talk to friends and family that are far away without having to pay the long distance phone bill.  Computers also make our lives easier.  In the past, grocery store cashiers had to memorize all of the prices for the products in their store.  Today, the register is computerized and programmed to know the price by reading the bar code.  It would be impossible for anyone to know the price of every item in today's stores.  Computers also allow people to do their banking and shopping without leaving their home.  Almost anything can be bought off of the internet.
Colleges also offer classes online so that people do not have to travel all of the way to the school to attend class.  Penn State calls this their World Campus and it is located at.  Classes that would usually be canceled because the professor was out of town can be held in chat rooms.  For example, when Dr. Jones had to go to New York for a conference, class was held in a chat room so that no time would be lost.  All of these things have become normal in our everyday lives.  However, these technologies are quite recent.

Advantages of Computers

Disadvantages of Computers
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