Former Students of Dr. Greg Ziegler

Jeng-Leun Mau, Ph.D. 1992. 1-octen-3-ol and 10-oxo-trans-8-decenoic acid in the cultivated mushroom agaricus bisporus. (Co-advised by Robert Beelman)


Yi-Jen Liaw, Ph.D. 1992. Counter-diffusion and mass transfer in continuous countercurrent extraction with dense carbon dioxide.


Carlos A. Aguilar-Salazar, Ph.D. 1993. Lactose in spray-dried whole milk powder and the processing of chocolate. (Nestle)


Kristin Jo Henry-Warner, M.S. 1993. Characterization of “flavor-fade” and off flavor development in roasted peanuts. (Co-advised by Paul Dimick)


Laura L. DeMars (Herbst), M.S. 1995. Texture and structure of gelatin/pectin-based gummy confections. (Kraft Inc.)


Nicholas A. Full, M.S. 1995. Physical and sensory properties of milk chocolate made with dry-fractionated milk fat. (M&M Mars)


Kevin K. Lee, Honors, 1997. Time-intensity methodology for the evaluation of the taste and mouthfeel of solid milk chocolate.


Gagan Mongia, Ph.D. 1997. Particle size distribution affects the rheology and sensory properties of milk chocolate. (M&M Mars)


Michelle Y. Troutman (Harnish), M.S. 1999. Moisture migration and textural changes during manufacture of soft panned confections. (Slim Fast/Unilever)


Jordana P. Langiotti, Honors, 1999. Grinding spray-dried milk powder near the glass transition temperature. (Frito Lay)


Melis Cakirer, Honors, 2000. The role of 7S globulin in determining the genetic source of chocolate flavor. (Co-advised by Mark Guiltinan)


Leah A. Knepper, M.S. 2001. Physical and sensory properties of milk chocolate made with crystallized lactose in spray-dried whole milk powders. (Quest International)


Mathalai Balan Sudharsan, M.S. 2001. Modeling diffusion of moisture during stoving of starch-molded confections. (Nestle)


Tor S. Nordmark, Ph.D. 2002. Crystallization and phase separation phenomena in aqueous mixtures of fibrous biopolymers.


Nicole R. Decker, M.S. 2002. Microstructural and textural characterization of a typical aerated confection.


Chiara Garbolino, Ph.D. 2002. The influence of surfactants and moisture on the colloidal and rheological properties of model chocolate dispersions. (Unilever) (Co-advised by John Coupland)


Sarah Elizabeth Woodling, Honors, 2003. Spherulitic crystallization of fractionated wheat and barley starch.


Melis Cakirer, M.S. 2003. Color as an Indicator of Flavanol Content in the Fresh Seeds of Theobroma cacao L. (Costa Rican Coffee Research Center) (Co-advised by Mark Guiltinan)


Vikram Ghosh, Ph.D. 2003. Moisture Migration through Chocolate-Based Coatings (General Mills, Inc.) (co-advised with Swamy Anantheswaran)


Aditi Shetty, M.S. 2004. Oil Migration in Fat-Based Confectionery (Cadbury-Adams) (co-advised with Swamy Anantheswaran)


Laura A. Nattress, Ph.D. 2004. The impact of solid fat content and PROP sensitivity on the dynamic flavor and texture perception in cocoa butter


April D. Bowser, M.S. 2004. The Influence of Surfaces and Surfactants on the Crystallization and Morphology of Cocoa Butter (Cadbury-Adams)


U. Vanesa Lay Ma, M.S. 2005. (continued for Ph.D.) (co-advised with John D. Floros)


Kristin Szlachetka, M.S. 2007. Achilles (Herck) Pulakos PMCA Graduate Fellowship, Elucidating the mechanism of oil migration in chocolate


John A. Creek, Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering. 2007. Nanoscale self-assembly of starch: phase relations, formation and structure


Kolika Chatterjee, M.S. 2007. The potential role of spherulitic crystallization in starch granule initiation in vivo



Significant contribution to:


Steven J. Hess, M.S. 1994. Rheology of yogurt manufactured using exopolysaccharide-producing strains of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. (Advised by Robert Roberts)


Brian J. Fischer, M.S. A.B.E., 1994. Particle size distribution effects on rheology of molten dark chocolate. (Advised by Carlos A. Zuritz)


Stacy A. Kimmel, Ph.D. 1997. Production, recovery, chemical characterization and physical properties of exopolysacharide produced by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. (Advised by Robert Roberts)


Ali Bulent Koc., Ph.D. A.B.E., 2000. Adaptation, optimization and control of processing spray-dried whole milk powder. (Advised by Paul Heinemann)


Nessa  Noronha, Ph.D. (visiting from University College Dublin, advised by Dolores O’Riordan)