Gregory R. Ziegler

341 food science building

University Park, PA 16802


(814)863-6132 (fax)


Education (Lions & Tigers & Bears)

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1988, Food Engineering

(Minors in Chemical and Agricultural Engineering)

M.S., Clemson University, 1982, Food Science

B.S., Penn State University, 1980, Food Science

Current position & affiliations

Professor of Food Science

Director, Center for Food Manufacturing

Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery Research Group

Ingredients as Materials Group

Materials Research Institute

Center for Medieval Studies

Particulate Materials Center

Faculty Senate

Current Courses

FD SC/STS 197, Bread

FD SC 411, Managing Food Quality

FD SC 495, Internship

FD SC 500, Fundamentals of Food Science

FD SC 501, Research Methods in Food Science

Current Students

Vanesa Lay, Ph.D. (co-advised with John Floros)

Nuttanit Suwanayuen, M.S.

Deepti Dabas, Ph.D.

Lingyan Kong, Ph.D.

Rajesh Bhosale, Post-doctoral associate

Xiaoyong Wang, Post-doctoral associate

Beth Tirio, Honors FD SC, M.S. Chemical Engineering

Annette Hartzell, Honors

Perumal Ramasamy, Post-doctoral associate (with Jim Runt)


Former Students


The material nature of foods. Physical properties and processing of polymeric and particulate foods, with emphasis on chocolate and confectionery products. Recent focus on crystallization phenomena, especially spherulitic crystallization, in lipids and starches. Supported by the William and Lois Dietrich Endowment in Food Bioprocessing to support the Food Characterization Laboratory.

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Strategic Plan (Food Science)


Last updated on 10/26/07

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