Reporting Requirements for Air Releases of Considered Hazardous Substances from Farms - PA

Effective January 20, 2009 PA Livestock Farms producing ammonia and / or hydrogen sulfide in excess of 100 lbs. in a 24 hour period must report these emissions to their local emergency management agency and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). A decision tree (PDF) from the Univ. of Nebraska outlines these steps.

Farms falling under the following numbers are considered Exempt:

Dry Systems
55,000 Turkeys
82,000 Laying Hens
30,000 Ducks
125,000 Chickens other than Layers

Wet (Liquid) Systems of Management
5,000 Ducks
30,000 Layers or Broilers
other animal levels

To help in the calculation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide release on your location:

If you determine that your farm is producing 100 lbs. or more of ammonia or hydrogen sulfide in a 24 hour period, then you should phone your county emergency management agency (EMA) and report this level. Be sure to mention that this is a continuous release. Date and time of call should be recorded for furture reference. Within 30 days of notification, a report of continuous release should be filed with PEMA and the County EMA you called. Reporting is to be completed annually.

Addresses of Key PA State and Local offices in the Capital Region

Bureau of Plans - Re: CERCLA Reports
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)
2605 Interstate Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9364

County EMA Office contacts within the PSU Capital Region
(Note: DO NOT DIAL 911 to be connected! this is not considered an emergency)

Adams County
Coordinator John Eline
230 Greenamyer Lane
Gettysburg, 17325-2313
Office: 717-334-8603

Dauphin County
Coordinator Stephen J Shaver
911 Gibson Blvd
Steelton, 17113-1988
Office: 717-558-6900

Fulton County
Coordinator Vincent Joyce
116 West Market Street Suite 102
McConnellsburg, 17233
Office: 717-485-3201

Perry County
Coordinator Larry Smeigh
Court House P.O. Box 37
New Bloomfield, 17068
Office: 717-582-2131 x 2256

York County
Coordinator Kay Carman
120 Davies Drive
York, 17402
Office: 717-840-2990


Cumberland County
Coordinator J. Theodore Wise
1101 Claremont Road
Carlisle, 17013
Office: 717-240-6400


Franklin County
Coordinator Susan Dutko
157 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, 17201
Office: 717-264-2813


Lancaster County
Coordinator Randyl Gockley
P.O. Box 219
Manheim, 17545-0219
Office: 717-664-1200

Lebanon County
Coordinator Daniel Kauffman
400 South Eighth Street Municipal Building Room 12
Lebanon, 17042
Office: 717-272-7621


EPA Region 3 in Philadelpha
Compliance Assistance 215 814-3447
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Forms and other Background Information To Be Considered

EPA - Reporting Requirements for Continuous Releases of Hazardous Substances, A Guide for Facilities on Compliance

This contains the forms that are helpful to completing reports to state offices.

FACT SHEET: Rule Change Provides Exemptions from Reporting Requirements
for Air Releases of Hazardous Substances from Farm Animal Waste (PDF) January 2009

EPA - Continuous Release Forms (PDF)

EPA - Instructions on Continuous Release Forms

EPA Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Requirements

EPA - Animal Feeding Operations Air Agreements

E-extension: Air Quality in Animal Agriculture

Other animal types exempt if levels below:

•700 mature dairy cows, whether milked or dry
•1,000 veal calves
•1,000 cattle other than mature dairy cows or veal calves ("Cattle" includes, but is not limited to, heifers, steers, bulls and cow/calf pairs.)
•2,500 swine each weighing 55 pounds or more
•10,000 swine each weighing less than 55 pounds
•500 horses
•10,000 sheep or lamb

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