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Egg Food Safety Information

FDA Egg Safety Final Rule site, with federal register (the rule) citation , and an overview of the program (pdf).

Palm Pilot Use Statement from Dr's Dunn and Patterson regarding the recall (PDF)

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for SE risk reduction

PSU Live Article on PA Egg Quality Assurance Program (PEQAP) with Dr. Patterson

The Egg Safety Center

Salmonella - the CDC

American Egg Board - Info for consumers and producers.


 IPM For Poultry

House Fly Monitoring Programs (vector control) for FDA and other HACCP programs

Handling Animal Manure for Crop Spreading - Fly Control & IPM

IPM Indexing Excel Spreadsheet for Fly and Rodent indexing (revised) that automatically creates graphs to trace control trends (4MB)

Rodent Indexing Rodent Indexing for Poultry Safety Programs (revised)

Manure Evaluation Evaluation of Manure prior to Spreading - A Best Management Practice

Speck Counting A Speck Card Count Sheet for IPM Scouting

Palm Pilot Use Farm IPM Check-List

Palm Pilot Use Darkling Beetles: IPM Considerations Notes from the SWAT team

Palm Pilot Use Residential IPM Tips for House Flies Notes from the SWAT team

Palm Pilot Use Scouting Guide for Farms

Workshop Materials for FLY CAMP


Poultry Biosecurity

Biosecurity Checklist   Checklist: Core Fundamentals for Poultry Biosecurity

Visitors Precautions  Visiting Poultry Facilities; Biosecurity Precautions to Consider

Visitors Logsheet  A Visitor's Logsheet for Farm or Traveler

Farm Biosecurity Plan Template (word document)


Avian Flu news and notices

GOOGLEtm News search for the latest news on Avian Flu. .

Flu Guidance from Health and Human Services: FLU.GOV

News Releases From the PA Department of Agriculture.

Penn State Biosecurity Page - Avian Influenza

News Feeds from USDA are listed on their news server

World Health Organization (WHO) Website regarding Avian Flu providing world situational updates.

Mortality Checklist PA Emergency Preparedness Guide (pdf)

Other Offerings

Cooling Systems PPT   Sales and Service Presentation: Managing Evaporative Cooling Systems

PSU Ag Science News (reprint): Egg-production practices meet consumer demand, maintain hen well-being

Mortality Checklist A Check List for Composting Mortality on the Farm

Using Built Up Litter: A workshop for Produers: Presentations  Presented by Robert Owen, DVM (UPENN) and Gregory Martin, (PSCE)

EPA Reporting for Larger Poultry Farms


Animal Welfare & Care

Links to useful sites regarding the Care and Welfare of Production Livestock

Animal Response Teams

Lancaster CART Team Website

PA State Animal Response Team (PASART)

Other Poultry Guides

Other Recent County Offerings

For Additional Information, See :

4-H Clover; WWW site National 4-H Embryology Web site
PA Poultry 4-H Website
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For Further information Contact Me At:

Dr. Gregory P. Martin, PAS
Penn State Extension Office
Lancaster County Cooperative Extension
1383 Arcadia Road, Room 140
Lancaster, PA 17601-3184

Voice:  717 394-6851
 Fax: 717 394-3962

Dr. Martin

Gregory P. Martin, Ph.D., P.A.S.*

Extension Poultry Agent - Southeast Region, serving
all counties of the region.

*Registered Professional Animal Scientist  (ARPAS):  Poultry
Registered Professional Animal Scientist  (ARPAS):  Poultry Products
Registered Animal Welfare Auditor  (ARPAS):  Poultry
Serve Safe Food Protection Manager Certification # 2072466
IL State Food Service Sanitation Managers Certificate #01154009
ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality Management System Lead Auditor

  Educational Background
  Professional Associations
  Research Interests & Program Areas
  Recent Poultry Publications and Guides

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Dr. Martin is a Proud Supporter of Ag & Science Educational Opportunities for all Youth

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