SRA-111 - Group Contract

The group Contract

    Working in your groups, you will develop a contract that specifies:

    • Group name
    • All members contact info (names, email, cell phone, AIM, etc.)
    • Responsibilities of members - be sure to enumerate these in detail - leave nothing that could be misinterpreted.
    • Method for disciplining members who do not complete assignments on time or to specified quality.
    • Reminder that members not fulfilling responsibilities may be fired from the group!

      Be as complete as possible - the contract is a graded group item. I am looking for you to think about roles and responsibilities and will grade you on completeness and originality.

      You will start discussing this today and will work on it until the due date. A copy will be submitted to the drop box on Angel.

      You will also print a copy and bring it to the next class, with signatures of all group members.

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