IST 497B -Cyber -crime and Cyber-warfare




BK: Book

BN: Blog & Newsletters

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Keywords: Cyber Stalking; Cyber Syndicates; Cyber Terrorism; Online Violent Extremism;

1.    WP. Countering Violent Extremism in United States. Congressional Research Services.

2.    WP. Promoting Online Voices for Countering Violent Extremism. Rand.

3.    GV. Countering Violent Extremism.

4.    GV. National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance.

5.    UV. Institute for Cyber Science.

6.    TL. Cyberpunks vs Syndicates GAME.

7.    PO. Against Violent Extremism.

8.    BN. Google Ideas. Network Against Violent Extremism.




Organized by course topical areas



NOTE: Some white papers require free registration for access.  This is necessary to comply with copyright law and the wishes of the publishers.



Penn State Resources


       UV. Penn State Center for Cyber-Security, Information Privacy and Trust -

       UV. Penn State Cyber-Security Lab -



US Government Resources


NOTE: Some of these, such as NIST documents, may be listed below in topical areas.


       GV: NSA Information Assurance advice and resources -

       GV: US Computer Emergency Readiness Team -

       WB: NIST Cyber-security framework, industry resources -

       GV: Complete list of NIST Information Security Publications -

       GV: NICCS – National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies -



Hacking Educational Resources


Security professionals must understand how systems are attacked and compromised in order to effectively protect those systems.  Following is a list of Web sites that provide learning resources for ethical hacking.


       WB: Hack This Site -

       WB: Hack This! -

       WB: Hack in the Box -

       WB: Hack a Day -

       WB: Evil Zone -

       WB: Security Tube -



Blogs and Newsletters


       BN:  Bruce Schneier Crypt-O-Gram --

       BN:  Secure State Blog --

       BN:  Krebs on Security --

       BN:  CSM Passcode --




(1) The importance of  understanding cyber-crime and cyber warfare (Santoro)


       GV. Cyber Crime. FBI.

       GV.  CNSS National Information Assurance Glossary

       BN. Top information security breaches in history

       PJ. The 15 worst data security breaches of the 21’st Century

     WP.  The Economic Impact of Cyber-crime.

     BN. New Ponemon report shows cybercrime is on the rise.

     BN.  Hacker attack on federal security contractor not noticed for months, report claims.

     BN.  Bank’s Concerns about Cyberthreats Grow.

     BN.  Global cyber-attacks up 48% in 2014.

     BN.  The big one: The makings of a global cyber attack.

     WP.  Microsoft Security Intelligence Report - Worldwide Threat Assessment.

     WP. 2014 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Security






(2) The major players (Santoro)

       BN. The Ukrainian Crisis- A Cyber Warfare Battlefield

       BN. In China, Cyber Crime Underground Activities Doubled in 2013.

       SA. Organizations and Cyber Crime. An analysis of the nature of groups engaged in Cyber Crime.

       BN.  Russian Cybercrime Network Targets US Bank Customers.,news-19700.html

       WB. Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium..

       WB. Indictment of PLA hackers is part of broad U.S. strategy to curb Chinese cyberspying. The Washington Post.



(3) Tools of Attack (Santoro)


       BK. T. J. O’Connor. Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers.

       WB. Top 125 Security Tools -

       WB. Ping of Death -

       VD.  Kevin Mitnick on Social Engineering -

       WB. SANS article showing how DNS spoofing can lead to MITM attack -

       WB. Mariposa Botnet -

       WB. America’s 10 most-wanted BOTnets.

       WB. An unprecedented look at Stuxnet, the world’s first digital weapon.

       WB. Year of the RAT: China’s malware war on activists goes mobile.

       WB: 100+ Free Hacking Tools

       SA: A Guide to War Driving and Detecting Wardrivers. SANS



(4) Vulnerability - Anatomy of a network attack (Santoro)

       BN. Heartbleed: Understanding When We Disclose Cyber Vulnerabilities.

       WB. Cross-site scripting FAQ

       VD.  SQL Injection – walking through walls (video)

       WB. Cyberattack on U.S Infrastructure.!/?marker=2

       WB. America’s Critical Infrastructure is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. Forbes.

       WB. Cyber Attacks likely to Increase. Pew Research,  Internet Center.

       WB. The Darkhotel Apt: the Story of Unusual Hospitality.

       WB. Risky Management: Cybersecurity Breaches and Social Media Use Are Top Concerns for Boards.

       WB. 1.2 billion logins scooped up by CyberVor hacking crew  - what you need to do.



(5) Information compromise (Glantz)

       WB. JPMorgan Chase Hacking Affects 76 Million Households.

       WB. Sony Picture corporate network compromised by a major attack.

       GV. Internet Social Networking Risks.



(6) Important current developing areas (Glantz)


       BN.  Smart Grid and Cyber Security.

       BN.  Smart Grid and Cyber Security.  NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturer Association.

       BN. Smart Grid Cybersecurity Committee (SGCC).  Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.

     PO. Barnes & Thornburg. Cloud Computing Law


(7) Policy on Cyber Crime & Terrorism (Hancock/Forster)


       WP. National Cyber Security Strategy 2013.

       PO. Cyberbulling Research Center.

       GV. Cyberbullying. National Conference of State Legislatures.

       UV. Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

     WP.  NIST. Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.


(8) Law pertaining to cyber-crime (Hancock/Forster)


       GV. State Cyber-stalking and Cyber-harassment Laws. National Conference of State Legislations.

       PJ. Cybercrime Law.



(9) Cyber-terrorism and cyber-activism (Hancock/Forster)


       BK. Molly Sauter, Ethan Zuckerman. The Coming Swarm: DDOS Actions, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience on the Internet.

       BN. Hactivism: Means and Motivations…What Else?  InfoSec Institute.

       BN. Hactivism.



(10) Cyber-warfare - the new frontier (Hancock/Forster)


     SA. Galen Grimes. How prepared are we for the cyber warfare?

     BK. The Cyber Military Revolution and the Need for a New Framework of War. 2014.

       BN. Cameron Stevens. Casualties of Cyber Warfare.

       BN. Cyber Warfare. Financial Times.


       BN. Cyber Warfare. Rand.

       BN. Cyber Warfare. RSA Speaking of Security.

       BK. Jason Andress, Steve Winterfeld. Cyber Warfare, Second Edition: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners. 2013.

       BN. The New York Times. Cyber Warfare.

       BK. P. W. Singer, Allan Friedman. Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know.

       VD. Staged cyber attack reveals vulnerability in power grid



(11) Cyber-warfare policy and response (Hancock/Forster)

       SA. Russia’s Public Stance on Cyberspace issues.

       GV: National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center.

       BN. Interpol’s new centre to counter cybercrime.



(12) Strategic measures and future issues (Santoro)


     SA. SANS institute InfoSec Reading Room Straddling the Next Frontier Part 2: How Quantum Computing has already begun impacting the CyberSecurity landscape.

     TL. Cyber Robotics Learning Center.

     BN.  How Israel is Rewriting the Future of Cybersecurity and Creating the Next Silicon Valley. TechRepublic.

     WB.  Quantum-key distribution -