Tyranny As Obama Seeks To Take Away Religious Rights Of Doctors And Health Care Providers Who Refuse To Perform Abortions




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Subject: Obama seeks to take away religious rights of doctors and health care providers who refuse to perform abortions




Donald E. Wildmon
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Obama seeks to take away religious rights of doctors and health care providers who refuse to perform abortions


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March 3, 2009


According to several news agencies, President Barack Obama will rescind the "conscience rule" that protects health workers who refuse to participate in abortions or other medical procedures that go against their moral and religious beliefs. If the rule is rescinded, doctors, nurses and other health care workers could lose their jobs or be punished professionally for adhering to their sincerely held religious convictions. Obama's proposal would take away their religious freedom.

The current rule empowers federal health officials to cut off federal funding for any state or local government, hospital, clinic, health plan, doctor's office or other entity if it does not accommodate employees who exercise their right of conscience. It applies to more than 584,000 health care facilities.

The Obama administration is doing the bidding of pro-abortion advocacy groups who seek to penalize health care providers who refuse to participate in abortions.

According to The Washington Post, Obama administration officials stressed that the proposal will be subject to 30 days of public comment. That is why it is so very important for you to let the White House hear from you today.


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Below is the letter that I sent. - Gary L. Morella



March 3, 2009

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Without life, there ARE NO OTHER ISSUES!

Dear President Obama:

It is morally wrong for the federal government to force a doctor, nurse or other health care professional to participate in abortion - which stops a heartbeat and kills an innocent human life. I urge you not to rescind the "conscience rule."


Without life there are no other issues, PERIOD! No citizen of this country should be compelled to go against faith enabled right reason in terms of issues involving the moral order. To do so is a violation of Constitutionally protected rights that all Americans are entitled to from conception to natural death, as referred to in the Declaration of Independence. That Declaration, may I remind you, was not Independence from God Almighty Whose blessing the Founding Fathers recognized as necessary for America to survive the assaults from without and within! In order to deserve that blessing America must obey the Natural Law of God for the sake of the common good. There can be no common good served when Americans at their most vulnerable stage of life, being innocents in their mothers' wombs, are denied an inalienable right to life that was deemed paramount at America's founding.


It is a known fact that life begins at conception. Therefore to deny the right of the aforementioned innocents to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is a grave sin against God's moral order that can only result in God's chastisement for America.


Abortion is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. It is baby killing pure and simple. To force believers to be accomplices to abortion is an unconscionable action on the part of a tyrannical state whose unjust laws do not require obedience for the sake of a Kingdom not of this world!




Gary L. Morella




Obama as Hitler

Kevin McCullough, Townhall.com
This week in a bold move the President broke a barrier that his supporters should be quite concerned about. For in doing so he has broken a barrier that should always be seen as sacred. However, this will likely be marginalized by the leftist media that offers it’s blind support regardless of any mastery of facts.
Case and point... Rachel Maddow.
She is MSNBC's less funny and perhaps more butch version of Keith Olbermann. And on this past Friday night she did an entire "bit" on anyone who would compare Obama's policies to socialism as "not very serious people." Of course people seeing the “bit” were a good deal uncertain of Maddow as she herself kept interchanging the terms socialist and communist. But liberals often are confused by facts and frequently either do not understand what they are discussing, or discuss it purposefully with deception. Whatever the case Maddow thought herself witty.
We're supposed to believe her because... ...well... ...she said it. It does not matter to Maddow if President Obama’s policies are in substance moving us towards centralized control where the Government becomes the caretaker/nanny and the individual is lulled into mind-numbing moronic infancy suckling off the government's “all-sufficient” teet.
But if she got that worked up over a few people calling Obama’s socialist policies by name, imagine what she will say about the title of this column?
And yet simply because Maddow, and others who defend their loyalty to Obama in irrational ways, still contend that he produces nothing but rainbows, ponies, and butterflies, doesn't mean we shouldn't compare what Obama is doing with others in history who have already tried those policies.
Which brings us to this point: This week President Obama exercised for the first time a policy decision that shares a trait held in common with Adolf Hitler.
The headline was leaked late in the Friday afternoon news cycle so that as few people as possible would pay attention, but here's the crux of a very real problem: President Obama is moving policy on public health into the direction of doctors being forced to act against their conscience. (For liberals educated in public schools, a conscience is that little voice inside you that used to inform you as to what was right or wrong.)
President Obama wants them performing abortions, whether they believe it to be an immoral thing or not. And while the comparisons to Hitler are made either on eugenist or racist grounds--but you cannot escape the impact.
In the 1930's and 40's as Hitler wished to use his captive “lesser-humans” for "experiments" in his final solution. He too forced doctors to do things they did not wish to do. Everything from injecting living humans with horrible chemicals to see the effect, to trying differing grades of poisonous gases in what eventually became death chambers. These doctors, who were purveyors of those things that helped save lives, were suddenly forced to use the medical knowledge they had of death--to end them.
In today’s scenario Obama wants doctors to exterminate “lesser humans” for the purpose of immediate solutions to his social experiment. And he wishes them to do so regardless of whether or not they are compelled by the higher call of morality on an individual basis.
Put another way Obama's policy shift would be the equivalent of forcing those who believed slavery to be immoral and never even owned slaves, to begin purchasing them, beating them, raping them, and exploiting them.
This policy shift that Obama has attempted to slide under the radar screen is grossly immoral, and doctors should disobey it and run a medical mutiny against the administration if it becomes law.
The President did this, as he has done most things since coming to power as a pure, pragmatic, political move to pay off the campaign favors of those special interest groups he railed against during his campaign. In this case the abortion industry which is increasingly under attack from the next generation who understand the taking of innocent life to be horrific.
As to all the comparisons that the left made in 8 years of the previous administration, they never once had such a clear comparison that so vividly laid out the exact parallel between the dictator who thought it moral to gas people in chambers, and now a President who believes that live babies should be left to starve in soiled utility closets of hospitals, even if it violates the voice of God telling the doctor to do otherwise.


This stroke of the policy pen, moves the administration into its first conflict with the first amendment right of religious belief and expression, and he should be penalized for it quickly.
Friday, Ms. Maddow, President Obama took a demonstrable step in the shoes, actions, and example of Adolf Hitler.
What have you to say about that?




Pro-Life Leaders Respond to Obama's Plan to Revoke Conscience Regulations

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 2, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - President Obama is facing heavy criticism from pro-life politicians and activists for setting to work dismantling the Bush era federal regulations that uphold doctors' conscience rights.


The Health and Human Services (HHS) Department Friday confirmed that the president has begun the process of repealing the regulations that had been passed by the Bush administration and that went into effect Jan. 20.  The regulations enforce pre-existing federal law that protects healthcare workers' right to conscientiously refuse implementation of or involvement in abortions, including dispensation of the abortifacient morning-after pill.


Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), Chairman of Republican House Policy Committee, issued a statement Sunday, saying, "The administration's attack on pro-life Americans' right of conscience endangers every Americans' right of conscience."


Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), co-chairman of the House Pro-life Caucus, denounced Obama's plans Friday.


"The nation is under siege by pro-abortion radicals who are attacking the fundamental right of conscience, and are attempting to impose their will through the Obama administration," said Smith.  "It is ironic that they like to be called pro-choice, instead of pro-abortion, but that their preference for 'choice' refers only to people who support the killing of unborn children."


"Women deserve to have the option to choose doctors who reflect their views on the sanctity of human life," Smith observed. "They will lose that freedom if pro-life health care professionals are driven from the medical field."


"Without long-standing 'conscience protection' the extremist abortion lobby will eventually turn every ob-gyn into an abortionist."


Smith cited the "Ethics Opinion" of the American College of Obsetricians and Gynecologists as an example of such extremism. The "Opinion" called on all ob-gyns to be required to make abortion referrals, and relocate near an abortionist if they do not themselves provide abortions. 


"Any pretense of 'moderation' on life issues was long ago dispensed with," said Fr. Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, about the Obama administration.  "With the rescinding of the Mexico City Policy, the appointment of dozens of radical anti-life cabinet members and staff, the enormous increase in funding for contraception and irresponsible sex advocacy, and now these grave insults to human life and dignity ...  one shudders to think what could be next.


"It's as if the president and Congress are trying to outdo each other for the dishonor of who can forward the most extreme anti-life agenda."


Catholic League president Bill Donohue lamented the attack against regulations protecting doctors' conscience rights, in particular Catholic doctors, who have a moral obligation to oppose abortion.


"No one in the health care field should ever be compelled by law to perform or assist in a procedure that violates his or her conscience," said Donohue.  "This should be an elementary right, yet there are those who want to trespass on it.

"This would be another step in the wrong direction for an administration which is promoting abortion by overturning the Mexico City Policy, promising to support the United Nations Population Fund and considering the nomination of radical abortion rights supporter Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to be the Secretary of HHS. This action would be the most offensive since it compromises the rights of Catholics to act according to their conscience.

"It is imperative that President Obama not rescind this morally critical regulation," said Donohue.







Sebelius “Says One Thing, Does Another”

March 2, 2009 - Washington, DC -- The Traditional Values Coalition criticized the nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services as another Obama appointee “who says one thing and does another and has contempt for the rule of law.”

TVC charged that Sebelius publicly professed her “personal opposition” to abortion but privately worked closely with the abortion industry and helped launder abortion industry contributions to candidates.

“In an administration in which Joseph Biden, George Mitchell, Bill Richardson and Tom Daschle were supposed to be agents of change,” said TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty, “ this is just more of the same old stale politics as usual.

“This crew probably spent more than 100 years cumulatively working in the Congress.  The only time they thought about change was when they stood in front of a Capitol Hill vending machine.”

The Coalition’s statement follows:

The President’s announcement today of the appointment of Kathleen Sebelius as his nominee to head Health and Human Services, once again, places a person, whose rhetoric is dramatically different from her actions, in a position of power. 

Like the Treasury Secretary who avoids paying taxes and others President Obama has sought to appoint, Governor Sebelius says she is “personally opposed” to abortion but manages to overcome her principles and accept large contributions from the abortion industry and also launders abortion industry contributions for other candidates.

Governor Sebelius has demonstrated contempt for the rule of law as she has worked closely with the abortion industry to thwart the intent of campaign laws to ensure transparency and full-disclosure.

In 2006, the notorious Kansas abortionist George Tiller, one of the few abortionists in America who continues to perform ghastly partial birth abortions, donated $120,000 to the Democratic Governors Association (Sebelius was the incoming president).  The DGA turned around and donated $200,000 to Bluestem Fund Political Action Committee which is Gov. SebeliusPAC.  Presto – Tiller money goes to Sibelius with none of his bloody fingerprints on it.

Anyone who dismisses this as a ploy used by many unscrupulous politicians should remember that this is supposed to pass the “change you can believe in” standard established repeatedly in numerous long-winded Obama campaign speeches.

Gov. Sebelius says one thing and does another, and she has contempt for the rule of law.  The Governor has looked the other way while this notorious abortionist performed illegal partial-birth abortions and covered up the statutory rape of girls in her state

Ultimately, President Obama is responsible, and we will have to wait and see how close his soaring rhetoric is matched by performance.   He is off to a very bad start.



Here is a pro-life Pastor with courage to speak out on the abortion
holocaust, being furthered by Obama's overturning of the "Mexico City

Fr. Richard L. Perozich, Pastor
St. Mary Catholic Church  http://www.stmaryescondido.com/
Escondido, CA 92025

January 31, 2009

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Obama,

Please reinstate the Mexico City Policy, and do all in your power to end the
torture of killing infants in the womb and destroying the bodies and spirits
of mothers who undergo these barbaric procedures called abortion described
for you below.

* Menstrual extraction A very early suction abortion, often done before the
pregnancy test is positive.

* Suction The abortionist first paralyzes the cervix (womb opening). He then
inserts a hollow plastic tube with a knifelike tip into the uterus. The tube
is connected to a powerful pump with a suction force 29 times more powerful
than a home vacuum cleaner. The procedure tears the baby's body into pieces
and the hose frequently jerks as pieces of the baby become lodged. The
placenta is then cut from the inner wall of the uterus and the scraps are
sucked out into a bottle.

* Dilatation & Curettage (D&C) Uncommon today and used during the first 10
weeks of pregnancy. This is similar to the suction procedure except that the
abortionist inserts a curette, a loopshaped steel knife up into the uterus.
He then cuts the placenta and baby into pieces and scrapes them out into a
basin. Bleeding is usually profuse.

* Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) Performed during the second trimester (4-6
months) of pregnancy. This method has largely replaced saline and chemical
abortions, which too frequently resulted in live births, a complication from
the abortionist's perspective! A pliers-like instrument is needed because
the baby's bones are calcified, as is the skull. There is no anesthetic for
the baby. The abortionist inserts the instrument into the uterus, seizes a
leg or other part of the body and, with a twisting motion, tears it from the
body. This is repeated again and again. The spine must be snapped,
and the skull crushed to remove them. The nurse's job is to reassemble the
body parts to be sure that all are removed.

* D & X (Partial Birth) Also used for advanced pregnancies. The cervix is
dilated to allow passage of a ring forceps. A foot or lower leg is located
and pulled into the vagina. The baby is extracted in breech fashion until
the head is just inside the cervix. The baby's legs hang outside the woman's
body. With the baby face-down, scissors are plunged into the baby's head at
the nape of the neck and spread open to enlarge the wound A suction tip is
inserted and the baby's brain is removed. The skull collapses and the baby
is delivered. Sharp and suction curettage is continued until the walls of
the womb are clean.

* Hysterotomy This method is usually used late in pregnancy and is likened
to an "early" Caesarian section. The mother's abdomen and uterus are
surgically opened and the baby is lifted out. Unfortunately, many of these
babies are very much alive when removed. To kill the babies, some
abortionists have been known to plunge them into buckets of water or smother
them with the placentas. Still others cut the cord while the baby is still
inside the uterus depriving the baby of oxygen.

* Salt Poisoning a.k.a. "Candy Apple Babies:" Most often used after the
first trimester (first three months). The abortionist injects a strong salt
solution directly into the amniotic sac (fluid surrounding the baby). The
baby breathes and swallows it, is poisoned, struggles, and sometimes
convulses. It takes over an hour to kill the baby. The mother delivers the
dead baby in a day or two (sometimes alive!). Why "candy apple" babies? The
corrosive effect of the salt solution often burns and strips away the outer
layer of the baby's skin. This exposes the raw, red, glazed-looking
subcutaneous layer of tissue. The baby's head sometimes looks like a candy
apple. Some have also likened this method to the effect of napalm on
innocent war victims. This technique was originally developed in the
concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

* Prostaglandin Abortions Three forms, two are injected and one is a vaginal
suppository. Its first approved use was for "the induction of mid trimester
abortion." The hormone produces a violent labor and delivery of whatever
size baby the mother carries. If the baby is old enough to survive the
trauma of labor, it may be born alive, but is usually too small to survive.
In one article, among the complications listed was "live birth!"

* RU-486 A drug that produces an abortion taken after the mother misses her
period. Its effect is to block the use of an essential hormonal nutrient by
the newly-implanted baby, who then dies, and drops off. Note that RU-486 is
not a contraceptive because it does not prevent fertilization or
implantation. It is used only after the mother has missed her period and the
baby is at least two to three weeks old, with a beating heart (the fetal
heart begins to beat when the woman is four days late for her period). It is
no longer effective after six or eight weeks. Methotrexate - one of the
drugs contained in RU486 - can cause liver damage, kidney destruction, heart
muscle compromise, pulmonary failure, gastrointestinal pathology, and bone
marrow suppression. It has also been reported to cause loss of speech
function, strokes, and convulsions.

May the Holy Spirit of God be with you to lead all to truth and life.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Richard L. Perozich



In regard to the story below, what is UNDERLINED is THE problem.  We have a lot of bishops and archbishops who are all talk and no action!  Little wonder the Church is in the mess that it is!   For the love of God, apostates like Sebelius, Pelosi, Kennedy,  Kerry, & Co. deserve FORMAL EXCOMMUNICATION MANY TIMES OVER for the public scandal that they've caused the faith.  And what do we see but their bishops and archbishops going out of their way to NOT BE CATHOLIC by refusing to use tough medicine for their souls, and the souls of all those that these same bishops and archbishops are leading astray by DOING NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING, to correct the grave public errors of the aforementioned apostates! 


We know who you are, bishops and archbishops.   You're not fooling anyone!  Catholics in more than name only ARE NOT THAT EASILY CONNED!  You may get a lot of ink in a desperate Catholic press yearning for any good news in this sea of wickedness in which we leave, however remote.  But that is little consolation to a Church burning while you fiddle with your meaningless, toothless drivel in the face of the devil who is laughing at you!


To expect apostates to correct themselves after they've been allowed to publicly bastardize Church moral teaching with impunity is akin to expecting Comrade Obama to freely turn in his "how to be the dictator-in-chief-handbook" without a needed exorcism! - Gary L. Morella

The archbishop stopped short, however, of stating that if Sebelius approached a priest, deacon, or extraordinary lay Eucharistic minister for Communion, she would be denied. Pity! Sebelius ignored him in the same way she has been ignoring archbishops for years.




Posted: Tuesday March 3, 2009 at 9:33 am EST by Judie Brown




Kathleen Sebelius, current governor of Kansas and alleged Catholic, has distinguished herself in many ways. Most disturbing among them is her long-held support for the act of abortion. It is this single attribute that perhaps makes her attractive to President Obama as he sets his sights on her as his nominee for the post of Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

By the way, those words, "health" and "human services" have a whole lot to do with the defining characteristics of the Sebelius era in Kansas.

For example, out of a sincerely held, very deep belief in the jaundiced view that abortion is nothing more than an aspect of reproductive health services, she has gone out of her way to embrace the culture of death. Her opinion, based on her statements and actions, is that every mother should have the right to choose to end the life of her own preborn child.

Sebelius has explained that though she is "personally opposed to abortion," she is "obligated to uphold state and federal laws and court decisions related to abortion."

When Sebelius vetoed the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act last year, she explained in her veto message,

I am concerned about a number of provisions in SB 389. The United States Supreme Court decisions make clear that any law regulating abortion must contain exceptions for pregnancies which endanger the woman's life or health. However, SB 389 allows a variety of individuals to seek a court order preventing a woman from obtaining an abortion, even where it may be necessary to save her life. I am concerned that the bill is likely unconstitutional or even worse, endangers the lives of women. …

As Governor, nothing is more important to me than the safety, health and privacy rights of our citizens. I am vetoing SB 389 because it endangers the health of women and is likely to be found in violation the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Kansas.

The governor issued this statement with a straight face, though the message she received from her archbishop should have given her reason to pause since Sebelius is a Catholic who supports abortion and has supported abortion for more than twenty years.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann reacted immediately upon receiving word of the Sebelius veto and issued a stinging rebuke in which he said:

What makes the governor's actions and advocacy for legalized abortion, throughout her public career, even more painful for me is that she is Catholic. Sadly, Governor Sebelius is not unique in being a Catholic politician supporting legalized abortion.

Since becoming archbishop, I have met with Governor Sebelius several times over many months to discuss with her the grave spiritual and moral consequences of her public actions by which she has cooperated in the procurement of abortions performed in Kansas. My concern has been, as a pastor, both for the spiritual well-being of the governor but also for those who have been misled (scandalized) by her very public support
for legalized abortion….

Having made every effort to inform and to persuade Governor Sebelius and after consultation with Bishop Ron Gilmore (Dodge City), Bishop Paul Coakley (Salina) and Bishop Michael Jackels (Wichita), I wrote the governor last August requesting that she refrain from presenting herself for reception of the Eucharist until she had acknowledged the error of her past positions, made a worthy sacramental confession and taken the necessary steps for amendment of her life which would include a public repudiation of her previous efforts and actions in support of laws and policies sanctioning abortion.

The archbishop stopped short, however, of stating that if Sebelius approached a priest, deacon, or extraordinary lay Eucharistic minister for Communion, she would be denied. Pity! Sebelius ignored him in the same way she has been ignoring archbishops for years.

Since the archbishop's initial reprimand things have clearly gotten worse. During the presidential election campaign, then Senator Barack Obama had Governor Sebelius on his team of advisors regarding Catholic matters, and the archbishop explained in an interview:

"What I found out after I took the pastoral action with Governor Sebelius is that Senator Obama had her on his advisory committee for Catholics. …

"I wasn't aware of that [beforehand] but I hope that it alerted Senator Obama that this is not probably somebody that can really counsel you in terms of the mind and the heart of the Church on this very critical and important area.

"So I think it would be a bad judgment on Senator Obama's part to select someone who was in conflict with the Church."

By now we all realize that now President Obama had no concern whatsoever for authentic Catholic doctrine, nor was he about to take advice from a Catholic who follows what the Church teaches. Quite the contrary, he surrounded himself both then and now with dissenters … Catholics who defied Church teaching and got away with it … still get away with it!

To this very moment, no firm order has been given that the governor should be denied the sacrament should she approach for the reception of Holy Communion.

The sad fact is that Sebelius will be making her way through the various government interviews used to ascertain whether or not she could be confirmed as the new HHS secretary under Obama. And while doing these interviews, she will probably be held to a higher standard by her political peers than she has been by the Catholic archbishops who have dealt with her. Sebelius has been at the forefront of the abortion rights debate in Kansas for more than 20 years and has yet to be clearly and resoundingly rebuked.

Bill O'Reilly has claimed that Sebelius is "not fit to serve" ; he based this comment on her public alliances with infamous abortionist George Tiller. But, sadly, the Catholic bishops have not suggested that she is not fit to call herself Catholic.

Robert Novak labeled Sebelius "the national pro-choice poster girl" in May of last year. However, Catholic bishops have not taken definitive action to make sure she knows she is not authentically Catholic and must cease her public claims to the contrary!

I will give but one example of her long history of carrying the water for the pro-aborts. In 1989, Sebelius was a state representative. Shortly after Scott Peterson had been found guilty of killing his wife and their preborn child, a law was proposed in Kansas to define preborn babies killed in such ways as persons. But Sebelius opposed it stating: "I think for me and a lot of other people there are certain inalienable rights established for a person, but those are not applied in utero." …

In other words, in 1989 Sebelius refused to acknowledge the fact that a baby exists in his mother's womb prior to birth. That was twenty years ago … the archbishop took no corrective action.

The sad fact is that over these many years no Catholic bishop has taken steps to correct Sebelius in a meaningful way. She has repeatedly ignored the public statements of her bishops. Over time, Sebelius has become recalcitrant in her support for abortion, which she clearly believes is but another aspect of health care. Sebelius represents all that is despicable about the movement that strives to protect abortion rights at all costs as though abortion itself were a sacrament.

So now, we come to the present moment and the prospect of having this woman preside over a department concerned with public "health" and the provision of "human services." What an oxymoron that is!

What kind of health care is it that provides murder for an innocent preborn child as a solution to a perceived problem? And what kind of human service is it to discard, on the garbage piles of America, the bodies, bones and blood of little babies who never had a chance to live?

Macabre, is it not, that we are facing the prospect of having an advocate of human butchery in one of the most pivotal positions in our nation's government?

It is disturbing, as well, that a so-called Catholic may assume this role with nary a word of genuine repudiation from Catholic shepherds.

Judie Brown





Recently, there was a picture in the local Pravda US, The Centre Daily Times of State College Pennsylvania, that showed a group of smiling Marines at Comrade Obama's address regarding the Iraq War at Camp Lejeune!  I'm sure this pic made the morning rounds in the aforementioned mainstream media that has been in the tank for Obama from the get-go.   


For the record, per my sources, this is pure propaganda in the tradition of Joseph Goebbels, as Obama is the most disliked president by the military in recent history due to his previous disparaging comments about the military that received wide dissemination, implying that that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines were going out of their way to kill civilians.  We're talking about a man who effectively wants to unilaterally disarm in the face of an enemy that wants to destroy us from without via his proposed drastic cuts in the military budget to pay for his radical Marxist Socialist social engineering problems that foment class warfare, which is right out of communist handbooks, to ensure that he stay in power as the nation's savior.  Such a man is the greatest threat that America has ever had because of the support that he has in the aforementioned Pravda US press to destroy America from within!


The truth of the matter is that Obama's spending can never be paid for at the rate that it's being initiated because money has to be invented to do so, which will de facto render our money worthless via the coming hyper inflation that is inevitable.  Those who believe in the lie that only the wealthy will be taxed are living a pipe dream as very soon they will see their paychecks halved due to the insanity of Obama and his Dem minions whose only care is power and control of anything and everything about our lives, i.e., to make us completely dependent upon a welfare state that will demand that we kowtow to its Godless decrees!   Obama couldn't care less about the need for the wealthy to hire the poor, thereby giving the poor a chance to better themselves.  No, Obama, wants everyone to be poor via laws that are so insane as to be laughable if their consequences weren't so tragic, e.g., Gore's global warming lies which will destroy American industry, in particular, the American energy industry, which will increase taxes on everyone by an order-of-magnitude as Obama's excess corporate taxes are passed on to the customers.  Wow, that's really going to encourage investing and create jobs!   But Obama is not about investing in America and creating jobs.  Obama is about just the opposite to reinvent America in Obama's warped class warfare image to further Obama - to heck with the rest of us! 


Attention megalomaniac Obama: The world already has a Savior spelled with a capital "S" and it isn't you!  His Kingdom is of another world, not your lie of an earthly socialist utopia which is straight from the father-of-lies!


Anyone who is conned by that aforementioned picture of happy Marines is drinking Obama's kool-aid which is as deadly as Jim Jones' was in terms of the future of our country for our children and grandchildren - a future that will be nonexistent if Obama is not opposed at every level where his communist policies rear their ugly heads on the local, state and federal levels!


With the help of God, Whom we need now more than ever, Obama can be defeated.  But we must get close to God to do this, and the only way that will happen is by obeying God's Natural Law which is a participation in His Eternal Law for the sake of the common good leading ultimately to a supernatural good. 


Gary L. Morella, Vietnam Era Navy Veteran!