Catholic Inflexibility IS Catholic Charity‏ For Eternity’s Sake - Marines “Starting To Look Ridiculous” As We’re Witnessing The Degeneracy Of A Once Proud Service Sold Out By Flag Officers Not Fit To Wear The Uniform, A Fact CENSORED By The Centre Daily Times Of State College, PA, Alias PRAVDA Central PA‏ - Yet More Evidence Of The Contempt That Worthless Obama Has For The Military‏ - “Same-Sex Parenting” Is A DIABOLIC Oxymoron - Limbaugh Owes NO ONE An Apology For Telling The Truth Contrasted With The Brain-Dead Drones Who Owe AMERICA The “Mother-Of-All-Apologies” For Voting For Obama - Obama Makes Defense The Lowest Budget Priority - Malice In Wonderland As Barack’s Presidency Finally Runs Out Of Gas - A 70 Year Old Unit As The Loss Of Control Over One’s Health And Body To An Omnipotent Government Can Take All Rights Away On A Moment’s Notice - Barack Romney Urged Obama To Adopt The Individual Health-Care Mandate

Catholic Inflexibility Is Catholic Charity


In these days when any attack against an error or an evil person is branded a lack of charity, it is good to hear the traditional teaching of the Church, which instructs us to fight this liberal opinion. Even when this opinion can appear attractive, at bottom it is contempt for the good of men, the rights of the truth, and the authentic love of God. This is what Fr. Sardá y Salvani teaches us.


Fr. Felix Sardá y Salvani

It is often necessary to displease or offend one person, not for his own good, but to deliver another from the evil he is inflicting. It is then an obligation of charity to repel the unjust violence of the aggressor. One may inflict as much injury on the aggressor as is necessary for defense. Such would be the case should one see a highwayman attacking a traveler. In this instance, to kill, wound, or at least take such measures as to render the aggressor impotent, would be an act of true charity.

The good of all good is the divine Good, just as God is for all men the Neighbor of all neighbors. As a consequence, the love due to a man, insomuch as he is our neighbor, ought always to be subordinated to that which is due to our common Lord. For His love and in His service we must not hesitate of offend men. The degree of our offense toward men can only be measured by the degree of our obligation to Him.

Charity is primarily the love of God, secondarily the love of our neighbor for God's sake. To sacrifice the first is to abandon the latter. Therefore, to offend our neighbor for the love of God is a true act of charity. Not to offend our neighbor for the love of God is a sin.

Modern Liberalism reverses this order. It imposes a false notion of charity: our neighbor first, and, if at all, God afterwards. By its repeated and trite accusations toward us of intolerance, it has succeeded in disconcerting even some staunch Catholics.

But our rule is too plain and too concrete to admit of misconception. It is this: Sovereign Catholic inflexibility is sovereign Catholic charity.

This charity is practiced toward our neighbor when, in his own interest, he is crossed, humiliated and chastised. It is practiced toward a third party when he is defended from the unjust aggression of another, as when he is protected from the contagion of error by unmasking its authors and abettors and showing them in their true light as iniquitous and perverse, by holding them up to the contempt, horror and execration of all. It is practiced in relation to God when, for His glory and in His service, it becomes necessary to silence all human considerations, to trample underfoot all human respect, to sacrifice all human interests - even life itself - to attain this highest of all ends.

All this is Catholic inflexibility and inflexible Catholicity in the practice of that pure love which constitutes sovereign charity.

(Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany, Liberalism Is a Sin, Rockford: TAN, 1993, pp. 94-95)

Posted on March 3, 2012

Liberalism is a Sin





In regard to the latest lunacy from the pen of Leonard Pitts, Jr., who never met a radical left cause that he didn't openly embrace, the common good be damned, we are talking about a violation of the Natural Law of Almighty God deemed important in The Declaration of Independence for America's survival, a violation that people of faith and right reason are not obliged to "get used to" as guaranteed by their freedom of religion under The Constitution.

The repeal of DADT, which was unconscionably forced upon a captive military by morally bankrupt social engineers who demand that society make them comfortable with their vices under force of unjust law, was based on fraudulent data as shown in the enclosed link.

For the record, as of 9:17 AM, when trying to post a criticism of Leonard Pitts, Jr.'s call for the sane to "get used to" the trashing of the Natural Law of Almighty God in Sunday's, March 4, 2012, A.D. edition of The Centre Daily Times of State College, PA,

it was summarily censored by PRAVDA Central PA which is nothing more than an Obama agitprop for the destruction of America from within by a communist masquerading as president who is being aided and abetted by a pro-hedonistic press comprised of the sorry likes of Pitts. 

That Leonard Pitts, Jr. would embrace such a moral atrocity comes as no surprise because that is his modus operandi with the trashing of the Natural Law of God given to man for the common good being no big deal!

Memo to Pitts:  Get used to the justifiable opposition to your insane rants which lead nowhere other than a fast track to hell, which is a road that the sane are not obliged to travel with you just because you have the unmitigated gall to demand that they do!

Gary L. Morella, Vietnam Era Navy veteran, Retired Catholic member of the research faculty, Penn State University



'Gay' Marines share 1st homecoming kiss

Photo goes viral after posting on Facebook page 


There is no true beauty about sexual perversion, as claimed by the pro-sodomites on the thread following this article, which is a violation of the Natural Law of Almighty God deemed important in The Declaration of Independence for America's survival.
I'm glad that my two uncles who fought with the 4th and 5th Marine Divisions on the hell that was Iwo Jima didn't live to see this moral atrocity.  They are probably rolling over in their graves at the forced degeneracy of their once proud service that has been sold out by flag officers not fit to wear the uniform in kowtowing to the morally bankrupt dictates of a fraud masquerading as president! - Gary L. Morella


Marines 'starting to look ridiculous'

Base official calls homosexual kiss 'typical'

Published: 11 hours ago

author-imageby Bob Unruh


A Marine official’s description of a photograph of two males hugging and kissing at a base in Hawaii as “typical” is making the United States military look ridiculous, charges the head of the Center for Military Readiness, which argues for making the military more of a fighting force and less a social experiment.
The image has gotten widespread attention on the Internet. Posted on a “gay Marine” social networking page, it shows Dalan Wells and Brand Morgan. Their reunion after Morgan returned from assignment is what it is, according to Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness.
But she said the Marine Corps description that it is “typical” goes too far.
The statement, which was attributed to a Marine Corps Base Hawaii spokeswoman, was, “It’s your typical homecoming photo.”
“This demonstrates just how fragile the culture of the military is,” Donnelly told WND. “Here she is speaking officially for the Marine Corps. Her statement reflects a cultural reversal.”

Donnelly said the spokeswoman “knows this is not a truthful statement.”
Take a guided tour into the future of the U.S. military once homosexuality is welcomed with open arms. Read Whistleblower’s special issue, “DROPPING THE ‘H’-BOMB,” online FREE here!
A spokesman in the public affairs office at the Pentagon started stuttering when WND asked if the description of the image as “typical” was correct.
“I don’t know if I’m in a position … I don’t know,” the spokesman said. “I think it would be accurate to say a typical homecoming photo has two who are greeting, one who came back. That would be very typical.”
His response didn’t address the issue at hand.
Donnelly said the new culture, marked by the recent elimination of the 200-plus year old ban on open homosexuality in the military, will rebound on the United States at some point.

“We may find out a hard way,” she said.
She said her criticism is not with the individuals involved but with the policy and atmosphere created by government that allows the behavior.
“I suspect we’ll start seeing gay events on military bases,” she said.
She said when the particular image was made, there were other Marines and their families in the room.
“Not one of those people, Marines or their families, was in a position to state freely what they felt,” she said.
She said while the orders from the commander-in-chief may have been to allow open homosexuality in the ranks, such behavior goes “over the line.”
Pointedly, she asked how such behavior, and the description of the behavior as “typical,” makes the Marines a better fighting unit, more able to defend and protect the Constitution they took an oath to uphold.
It was only days earlier when a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit was filed against the U.S. Navy over the manipulation of “gay” data used to convince Congress to overturn the centuries-old ban in the U.S. military on open homosexuality.
The manipulation of the data was confirmed by the government itself, which in an inspector general’s report marked “For Official Use Only” said numbers were combined to present the image that members of the military approved of Obama’s plan for open homosexuality.
It was the military’s original and now-suspect report that famously was quoted as affirming “70 percent” of the nation’s military members believe the repeal of the long-standing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” practice of allowing homosexuals to serve as long as they kept their sexual lifestyle choices to themselves would have either “a neutral or positive impact on unit cohesion, readiness, effectiveness and morale.”
However, the IG in documents uncovered by Donnelly revealed the actual figures for military members were: those who believed the change would impact units “very positively” (6.6 percent), “positively” (11.8 percent), “mixed” (32.1 percent), “negatively” (18.7 percent), “very negatively” (10.9 percent) and “no effect” (19.9 percent).
The only way the 70 percent figure can be reached is to combine “very positively,” “positively,” “mixed” and “no effect.” But this combination counts people with “neutral positions” as favoring the change, Donnelly argued.
Donnelly explained that taking the same figures and lumping them on the other side with “negatively” and “very negatively” would produce a total of almost 82 percent of the soldiers who believe the results of the change would be “negative or neutral.”
The IG report uncovered by Donnelly said exactly that:

We considered that the primary source’s likely pro-repeal sentiment was further demonstrated by his/her inclusion of the key 70 percent figure in the information provided to the Washington Post. … Had [the source] desired to further an anti-repeal bias for the article, he/she could likewise have combined four results categories from that same survey question to conclude that “82 percent of respondents said the effect of repealing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy would be negative, mixed or no effect.”

The Thomas More Law Center announced a federal FOIA lawsuit against the Navy, seeking to obtain records that are expected to show intentional deception by the Pentagon “to gain congressional support for repeal of the 1993 law regarding open homosexual conduct in the military, usually called ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’”
The lawsuit is based on the IG report obtained by Donnelly, “which suggested that a distorted Pentagon study of homosexuals in the military was produced and leaked solely to persuade Congress to lift the ban on open homosexuality.”
Erin Mersino, the attorney handling the blockbuster case, said the organization already has tried to obtain information.
“The Department of Defense and the Department of the Navy have failed to produce a single document despite numerous FOIA requests over the last two years for information to uncover the truth surrounding the congressional repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” she said.
The case was launched in U.S. District Court in Washington on behalf of Donnelly and the Center for Military Readiness. It seeks information to determine the extent to which the Navy engaged “in a campaign of deception as suggested by the Inspector General’s Report.”
In one side effect that rebounded on the White House, a Senate committee, in an attempt to ensure the law conforms to the new policy, voted to repeal the ban in the military on bestiality, an issue that White House press secretary Jay Carney didn’t consider a serious question.
The Senate quickly backtracked when its work was revealed.
WND previously reported on CMR’s uncovering of the Inspector General’s report.
That documents how the co-chairman of the commission working on the assessment of the impact on the military, Jeh Johnson, “read portions of ‘an early draft’ of the executive summary … to a former news anchor, a close personal friend visiting Mr. Johnson’s home” three days before service members even were given the survey.
“Contrary to most news accounts, the ‘Comprehensive Review Working Group’ process was not a ‘study,’” Donnelly told WND. “Its purpose was to circumvent and neutralize military opposition to repeal of the law.”
She described the study “was a publicly funded pre-scripted production put on just for show.”
“The … report, completed on April 8, 2011, reveals improper activities and deception that misled members of Congress in order ‘to gain momentum in support of a legislative change during the ‘lame duck’ session of Congress following the November 2, 2010, elections,’” she wrote.
Donnelly explained that days before the survey was distributed, Johnson “was seeking advice from a ‘former news anchor’ on how to write the report’s executive summary more ‘persuasively.’”
Further, “The DoD IG report concluded that someone who ‘had a strongly emotional attachment to the issue’ and ‘likely a pro-repeal agenda’ violated security rules and leaked selected, half-true information to the Washington Post,” she explained.
Within days of the military’s repeal of its ban on open homosexuality, two members of Congress pointed out that the Department of Defense even to that point had failed to fulfill its obligations to prepare for the change.
The letter was from House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., and Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., the chairman of the personnel subcommittee.
It was addressed to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, whose media office declined to respond to a WND request for comment.

on Military service doesn't count when it comes to extra points for education, DOE tells New York principals 

Yet more evidence of the contempt that worthless Obama has for the Military!

Military 'Doesn't Count' For Extra Education Points

Principals cry foul over plan that gives points to NY schools based on grads going to college, but not joining military




on Same-sex custody battle could change Florida law

Two problems here:
1) No one has a "right" to children who are gifts from God via the Natural Law that cannot be bastardized by manipulating same via artificial means that inevitably lead to problems like this. 
2) Same-sex parenting is an oxymoronic violation of the aforementioned Natural Law as man does not have the right to abuse children by prohibiting them from the nurturing parenting of a mother and a father, each bringing their own unique gifts to the development of the child in the fullest sense of the word, as understood by the sane.

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Taxpayer-funded sex: It's a simple request, really

Mike Lester illustrates President Obama coming to defense of Sandra Fluke