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Quick trip to Georgia State

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I just returned from Georgia State University. I had a great time. I was asked by my friend, Shelby Frost, to come and speak. I gave two talks, one to the general faculty on "Owning the Large Lecture" and a second talk on "T-Mobiling Your Classroom" as part of the Andrew Young Distinguished Lecture Series. In case you are wondering why ANYONE would want to "T-Mobile" a class -- I was making the case for using technology to help students learn and that means that we, as instructors, must learn to interact with the hand-held devices that our students use.


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I just returned from the Council of Economic Education annual meetings in DC. It was an excellent experience. Together with my colleague, Tawni Ferrarini, we presented, "The Latest Technology and Cool stuff in the Classroom" and "YouTube, Economic Education, and Classroom Assignments." what struck me is how important economic education is at the K-12 level. Not everyone goes to college, and not everyone takes economics while in college, so ensuring that all students are exposed to the core ideas from economics while in school is fundamentally MORE important than ever!

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