Help Your Library Be Omnipresent Without Spending a Dime

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Nina McHale
University of Colorado

Question: How can we get our info out to our users?
Answer: The embedded widget-ized Library

Flickr Badge creator ("stolen code") can be used on course management system, personal web pages, facebook pages, igoogle gadgets, anyplace people can cut and paste html. You can set this up in such a way that they can just copy and paste the code. Create a "steal this code" tool. Decide what kind of widget code chunks you want to offer - catalog, databases, combo, etc. Plan web page layout of widgets and code generator text area, and remember to provide an exact working example of the code that you are offering right next to the code.
View the source code of:

Remember to offer an email address or email link form for help or feedback. Place the tools and link to them as appropriate and advertise the service. Be prepared for success! This provides great opportunities for outreach.

Flickr Badge Generator:

Auraria Library "Steal This Code!" Page

University of Minnesota Duluth "Widgets" Pages

Curt Tagtmeier
Fremont Public Library

mobiSiteGalore - let's you easily create a mobile design via a template. Unfortunately, there is advertising at the bottom of the mobile page.

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