SNRG 2008 - Sirsi Dynix User Experience Roadmap

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Enterprise 1.0

  • enhancement to OPAC (not a reivention of OPAC)
  • immediate and intuitive faceted search experience
  • built in fuzzy search logic
  • easy to manage and configure
  • responsive and reliable
  • cost advantage over faceted search competitors
  • light integration with existing environments
  • search index updates based on changes rather than complete nightly dump
  • enhanced enriched content support
  • consortia support
     - library or library group search limits
     - ip address ranges
     - did you mean concept
  • enetrprise 1.0 Q3/Q4 2008


E- Library

  • replacement for iBistro and iLink
  • patch upgrade after you get to 3.2.1
  • no training required
  • enterprise can sit on e-library 3.2.1
  • look and feel to match enterprise
  • enhance enriched content support (cannot get this w/iLink)
  • online bill payment
  • ezproxy integration
  • 3.2 highlights
     - renewals from review my account

Enterprise is a subscription plus product delivery cost and project managment fees. There will be optional Enterprise training.

iLink Customers:

Option 1:

ibistro/ilink running 3.1 or higher, you can run enterprise on top

Option 2:

move to e-library with 3.2.1 and then enterprise on top


New Enriched Content Support

Reviews, fiction profiles, find similar titles, additional subscription - expensive. If you buy it by Aug 15, 25% discount - but you must be moved into e-library already

Goals for Enterprise 3.0

  • integration of additional data sources - federated search, library favorites
  • guided discovery
  • rss, tagging, user reviews, ratings
  • third party interfaces (fed search and resolver support)
  • visual search - may partner with another vendor
  • when asked about pricing - the response was that it's less than aquabrowser 
  • partnership with brainware


Kate demoed enterprise starting with "bud not buddy". The initial search screen is just like google - one search box. Enterprise brought up the correct record as the first hit with facets on the right for narrowing your search. Second search was Tchaikowsky spelled incorrectly - but found the results automatically. The facets are designed to me intuitive and easy.  You can go to your account directly from home search page - single log in. Stop words and boolean logic do not exist. This is not a replacement for the OPAC - it is designed for your typical patron who wants what they want quickly. For advanced searching, patrons will still be using the regular catalog (which will be e-library).

Sirsi Dynix is planning to have demos available from client care area so customers will have the chnce to play with this new interface.

Admin Interface
Simple admin interface. There is ability to set up search groups for multiple libraries. Customize page elements and themes for groups, banner info, library logo. Ability to manage library content.  

Single sign on with EZ Proxy: ez proxy can send back the user id and password (encrypted) which will support the login to the opac. So it really doesn't matter where user starts, they are only challenged to authenticate once.   


Ann Snowman asked a great question - how do you display the OPAC AND Enterprise to the users? Which is the default? Do you have one default from Library machines and one for remote access?  You can put an Enterprise search box anywhere...


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