Premal P. Vora
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My Teaching Philosophy
My teaching philosophy rests on two pillars: 1. Learning by doing: Students of mathematics, physics, and other sciences learn and internalize their subject matter by solving problems. Students of finance can also learn and internalize the subject matter of finance by solving problems. 2. Respect for the individual: If a student has had the prescribed prerequisites for a class, I assume that they are well prepared for that class. I respect and understand that different students come from different backgrounds and, therefore, I make no assumptions about their familiarity with finance.
My Teaching Experience
I have been teaching Finance and Economics continuously since 1987 except for a break of 15 months when I was a Research Specialist at Wharton Research Data Services. I have taught both undergraduates and graduate students. I have taught liberal arts majors, doctors, lawyers, successful business people, and of course business students. I have taught classes of as few as 5 students to classes with over 90 students. Early morning, afternoon, night, weekend: taught, taught, taught, taught.
Fall 2012 Courses
I am teaching FIN 420 (Investments), FIN 475 (Financial Decision Making), and FINAN 521 (Corporate Finance) in Fall 2012.
Fall 2012 Course Syllabi
Finance 420
Finance 475
Finance 521
Office Hours
Fall 2012: M, W, 1:30 pm - 2:50 pm and by appointment.