Frank Hardisty's Home Page

Sofware I wrote:

I am the main developer of the GeoViz Toolkit. To try it for yourself, please click here. If you have Java installed, the GeoViz Toolkit should launch. If not, get Java here. The source code, credits, and issue tracker are available from the GeoViz Toolkit code hosting site here:

Image of GeoViz Toolkit GUI

Here are some of the end-user tools that I recommend:

SciTE for text editing.
7Zip for a zip utility.
Winamp as a music player. I downgraded to version 2.95 and am happy with it.

Here are some of the developer tools that I am fondest of:

Eclipse as an IDE.
Maven for Java builds.
TortoiseSVN for version control.
Hudson for continuous integration.

Hall of shame:

Adobe Acrobat for many years of slooow startups and obnoxious updates.
JBuilder for leaving me when I needed it most. OK, I still love you! Come back!