Links to Violence and Victimization Web Sites

The purpose of this section of the Worker Safety Home Page is to provide "links" to sites, documents, and news-groups which deal with topics associated with workplace violence. Many of the "entries" were discovered by students participating in a seminar, "Perspectives on Victimization.

There are literally hundreds of web sites that deal, in some fashion, with workplace violence. Some offer information and strategies to prevent it; others focus on methods for dealing with victimization incidents after they have occurred.. While occupation-specific (e.g. probation/parole) information is currently quite limited, there is a growing body of "cumulative" information concerning work-related victimization in the human services that may be generally useful to those involved in dealing with clients in crisis.

Violence at Work and School

Violence in the Workplace

A little humor on Workplace Violence involving an incident at AT&T.


A book illustrating statistics on workplace violence and who to contact for information on workplace violence.

Preventing Violent Confrontations in the Workplace

A company who shows you how to control confrontations in the workplace

Assault Statistics

Bureau of Justice statistics on violence and theft in the workplace

Satore Township

A survey from the USA Today on violence in the workplace from the point of view of human resource managers

Combating Workplace Violence

A workplace violence guideline for employers and law enforcement officers have to follow

Post Trauma Resources

Talks about the two types of violence that can occur in the workplace

The Rockem-Sockem Workplace

An article for employers involving the legal aspect to prevent violence in the workplace

Guardian Alarm - Violence in the Workplace

The problem of workplace violence is addresses, and who is liable for what actions.

Violence in the Workplace

The three concepts focused upon are statistics of WP, what type of solution is best suited for each problem of WP, and a questionnaire for the employer to use for himself.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Practical Psychology Magazine

The problem of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is discussed, and how the disorder leads to Workplace Violence.

A book reprinted, in its entirety, about a university employee gunning down his employer

Satore Township

Another example of workplace violence in which a mailman went on a shooting spree at work.

Satore Township

The FBI log on Workplace Violence and how WV can be managed.

Prentice Hall Bookstore

A book that can be ordered involving the prevention of Workplace Violence.

Workplace Violence Quiz

A quiz that can be taken on your knowledge of Workplace Violence.

Workplace Violence Quiz - Answers

The answers to the previous quiz.

Violence At Home Has Effect on the Workplace

An article about how violence at home may lead to Workplace Violence.


Sonoma State University has come up with a prevention and response program to Workplace Violence.

Satore Township

Resources for Workplace Violence; who you can contact if involved with Workplace Violence.

Satore Township

A man with virulent delusional disorder which lead to Workplace Violence.

Satore Township

What two types of disorders are evident in leading to Workplace Violence and what to look for to discover the disorder.

Satore Township

Cases of recent workplace violence incidents.

Workplace Violence

A book illustrating an idea to implement a crisis management team at the workplace to prevent violence

Violence In The Workplace - An Annotated Bibliography

A list from the Flint Library on books and periodicals dealing with workplace violence. Altoona Campus's Bookmarks

Violence at Work and School
This site provides links to information on violence in school and work

Violence In The Workplace - An Annotated Bibliography
This site will open up to a Flint, MI library listing of books on workplace violence

Assault Prevention Information Network Introduction
Assault Prevention Network

Federal Protective Service
A site dealing with security guidelines dealing with workplace violence

What You Should Know About Preventing Thefts in the Federal Workplace
A document that will test your theft prevention IQ

Federal Protective Service
This document dealing with crime prevention assessment

Federal Protective Service
A document with how to deal with threats on the job

Workplace Violence Prevention & Crisis Management
A site dealing with the definition of workplace violence dispute resolution

The Rockem-Sockem Workplace
A site dealing with the legal aspects of workplace violence

A site dealing

Satore Township
Statistics on violence today

Satore Township
A document dealing of how to recognize a violent employee

Satore Township
A story of a murder

Satore Township
A listing of online information sources

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
The FBI's home page

Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page
A link to criminal justice resources and law data bases

Satore Township
A listing of case studies on violence

Ruotolo v. New York, 83 N.Y.2d 248 (1994)
A document of a court's decision and recounting of police officer being shot by a parolee

The House Bills - hb1343
A site with lists of proposed bills dealing with officer requirements on violence
An ftp site that offers information on paroled offenders and their recidivism

Group Health goes gun-free in buildings
A small article stating why this company feels it is better to restrict the ability of its employees to carry guns to the workplace
An ftp site that offers information on the new bill for the S.T.O.P. measure

THE KEEPERS' VOICE - Winter, 1995
An excellent site that offers links to correctional officers thoughts

Coping Strategies for Occupational Violence
A document that describes some ways to cope with occupational stresses

A document that describes a film made in Pittsburgh on police violence

a gopher site stating how the Berkley Campus is becoming a safer place

AFL-CIO News - August 25, 1995 -- Page 31
AFL-CIO A site listing guidelines to help health care workers avoid violence

Workplace violence still difficult issue
A site that has lists for employers of possible problems when hiring new people

Assault Statistics
Assault stats

A Canadian site that has a guide to preventing workplace violence

Middle Atlantic Region

This is a study done by William H. Parsonage and Joe A. Miller on "Probation and Parole Officer Safety in the Middle Atlantic Region." This study gives correlates of victimization and a description of who the perpetrators are. Tables are presented.

Offender Profiles

This study produced findings in regards to Canadian federal male offenders. The research provided links between family violence, health, mental health, criminal history, education, substance abuse and the offender profile.

Prison Assaults

This is a study of violence in the workplace by Eric Jeffries. It distinguishes the profiles of victimized officers between actual and threatened assaults that occured in one's career. There is also a generalized profile of victimized officers.

Probation and Parole in Pennsylvania

This was a study of the probation and parole victimization in Pennsylvania done by William H. Parsonage and W. Conway Bushey. Through the use of surveys, a series of characteristic of victims and victimizers of violence in Probation and Parole was compliled. Tables and statistics are presented.

Rockem-Sockem Workplace

This article addresses the issue of workplace violence. It lists statistics, legal concerns, and suggestions on violence in the workplace, also how to go about reducing the potential harm in the workplace.

Satore Township

This article is a good reference for recognizing potentially violent employees. It contains six separate profiles from different sources.

Social Forces Foster Workplace Violence

This article suggests that nurses and other caregiving professionals are at a special risk for workplace violence. Certain statistics and in-depth profiles of nurses who may be prone to violence are given.

Sonoma State University

This article is a specific study entitled, The Prevention and Response Program, which was conducted in California by Sonoma State University. It contains the work place violence policy of the University, some definitions of what can be considered violence, and lists different types of work place violence. It also talks about employer's duties to prevent violence, warning signs of possible violence, prevention, and more information relevant to violence in the workplace.

University of Albany update

In this article, a study by Albany University's Center for Women in Government in cooperation with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, reports that the workplace is a very dangerous place especially for women in healthcare, education and social welfare. This report gives statistics comparing the victimization of men to that of women in reference to workplace violence.

Violence in the Workplace- An Annotated Bibliography

This article is an excellent connection to many websites that contain numerous studies which include definitions, prevention, and statistics about workplace violence. Also, this page provides an extensive annotated bibliography in regards to periodicals and book reviews which will aide in one's research of general workplace violence.

Worker Safety in Probation and Parole

This article addresses the problem of victimization of public workers while paying close attention to probation and parole officers. It goes on to report on a statewide study of probation and parole workers in PA, concentrating eight jurisdictions located in the Middle Atlantic region. Ten specific questions are incorporated into the study. The article also gives a helpful broad definition of victimization.

Book Bibliographies

Baylen, Max and Robert Little (1990, January). "Fatal Assaults on United States Law Enforcement officers". Uncover, 63, 61-77.

This study analyzed 875 cases of fatal assaults on United States law enforcement officers which occured during a ten year period of 1977 to 1986. Along with profiles of victim officers and assailants, this article also provides profiles of the regions of the United States and the times of the year, week and day when most officers are killed. Tables are provided.

Flannery, Raymond B. (1995). Violence in the Workplace. New York: Crossroads.

Within this book is a chapter entitled "The Minds of Assailants". This chapter discusses the biographical and sociological roots of workplace violence. It also discusses the pathological outcomes of these roots and possible risk managements.

Labig, Charles E. Ph.D. (1995). Preventing Violence in the Workplace. New York: American Management Association.

In the introduction to this book is a subtitle "The Prevailing Myth of a Violent Personality Type". Contained in this section is a suggested specific type of person profiled for violence of the worksite. The point is that there is no one answer to who will commit workplace violence.

Noaks, Lesley and Steven Christopher. (1990). "Why Police are Assaulted"." Policing, 6, 625-638.

This study's main objective was to find reasons for and circumstances surrounding assaults on police officers. Assailant characteristics and characteristics of assaulted police officers as well as the environment are discussed.

Pinizzotto, Anthony J; Davis, Edward F. (1992, December). "Cop Killers and their Victims". FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 61, 9-11.

This article gives the results of a three year study on police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Descriptions of offenders and victims are given but it is stressed that there is no single profile of a person who kills a police officer.H

(1985, January 28). "Violence Esculates Against Teachers in Los Angeles". Juvenile Justice Digest, 118, 10.

This article discusses the rising incidents of violence that are taking place in Los Angeles schools. Brief profiles of workers and students are given as well as examples of what can set students off.

Agencies to Contact

Many organizations were more than willing to provide information for our research. These three organizations were were most helpful:

Studies of the Incidence & Nature of Workplace Violence


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