Record of Battalion Achievements

    The 1269th was credited with battle stars for the Rhineland and Central Europe campaigns.  Combat credit was painfully earned and well deserved for our winter campaign on the Southern Maginot Line in the Maritime Alps of southern France, but a technicality denied us that recognition.

    The battalion was recorded among American troop units having the highest number of days of continuous combat service in the European Theatre of Operations.

    Lt. Col. Willard White, in a statement dated 18 July 1945, informed all battalion personnel of the 1269th’s share of credit for a 6th Army Group commendation, saying:  “As a member of the “T” Force since its entry into Germany, you can be justly proud of this commendation because of the excellent work which you have accomplished.”

    That commendation, dated 30 June 1945, states in part:

    “The Commanding General is pleased to give official recognition to all officers and men of the 6th Army Group “T” Force for outstanding performance of duty during the period 22 November 1944 to 8 May 1945.

    “Organized as an intelligence assault force, you have served as the operational arm of G-2 in the field.   By seizing and protecting targets of the utmost importance in Alsace and in Germany, thereby aiding in the production of critical intelligence, the “T” Force contributed directly and successfully to the imposition of the Supreme Commander’s will on the enemy along the entire front.  The immediacy and exacting nature of your task required that you operate in the very front lines, frequently clearing the enemy by actual combat from important objectives before their destruction could be accomplished.  The low number of casualties suffered, the excellence of the results obtained, the reliance placed upon the “T” Force, all are significant of the complete success which have marked its operations.

    “By your initiative and devotion to duty each officer and enlisted man has merited the commendation of the Army Group Commander.”