IE597A Financial Services for Enterprise and Supply Chain Engineering


Fall 2010

Instructor Dr. Vittal Prabhu

Office: 310 Leonhard

Lectures: 203 Leonhard, TR T R 02:30 - 03:45P PM

Office Hours: T R 4:00 to 4:30 PM or by appointment

Phone: 863-3212

Email: (preferred)


Objective of this course is to study current and emerging electronic financial services used in enterprise and supply chain operations. Emphasis will be on technologies used in these services and how they can be used for improving operations of individual enterprises and across global supply chains. This is an entry-level graduate level course suitable for students in engineering. Evaluation will be based on assignments, literature review and class presentation, a semester project, and class participation. The planned SAP exercises are subject to resource availability.


Prerequisite(s) None.


Text Book None. Most of the readings will be made available on ANGEL.


Course Outline.

The main topics that will be covered in the course are as follows (approximate class time):

1.       Introduction to Electronic Finance (2 weeks)

2.       Electronic Financial Services (3 weeks)

3.       Financial Services for Enterprise Operations (5 weeks)

4.       Financial Services for Supply Chain Operations (5 weeks)

Students will do a term project on various contemporary topics that will include review of current literature in the area.

Tentative Grading

Class participation reading assignments 25%

Homework 25%

Lab exercises assignments 25%

Term Project Class presentation and written report 25%