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Dr. Vittal Prabhu


The Pennsylvania State University
348 Leonhard Building
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802 USA


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Professor Prabhu works in the area of distributed control systems with a focus on manufacturing and service enterprises. The goal of his research is to develop a unified mathematical and computational framework that enables engineering of distributed control systems consisting of discrete-events, physical processes, and service processes. The science-base of this work includes theories of discontinuous differential equations, Lyapunov stability, adaptive control, and nonlinear control for studying distributed algorithms. This has lead to the development of distributed algorithms for various applications in industrial operations including production scheduling, maintenance scheduling, batch sequencing, inventory control, transportation, and supply chain optimization. This work has motivated the development of novel parallel/distributed computing architectures using FPGAs and clusters to enable fast, large scale distributed simulations so that business decisions can be accelerated. He has also researched modeling and real-time control of physical processes such as cryogenic freezing, laser manufacturing, and electron beam-physical vapor deposition.



         IE 330 Information Technology for Industrial Engineering

         IE 470 Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis

         IE 497 Retail Services Engineering

         IE 567 Distributed Systems and Control

         IE 597A Financial Services Engineering

Courses taught in the past

         IE 101S Build Your Own Robot

         IE 450 Manufacturing Systems Engineering

         IE 497C Introduction to Laser Processing and Manufacturing

         IE 477 Computer Control of Manufacturing Machines and Processes



         Distributed Systems and Control

         Sensing and Control of Machines and Processes

         Applications of Nonlinear Systems and Control Theory

         High-Performance Computing for Manufacturing Systems



         DISCRETE Lab

         Center for Manufacturing Enterprise Integration

         Enterprise Integration Consortium

         Center for Service Enterprise Engineering

         Center for Supply Chain Research



         Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

         Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)



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