Homework Assignments & Answer Keys

GRADED HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: There will be several homework assignment problem sets, with the lowest scores on two of those dropped (if all assignments are turned in). These assignments must be submitted in typewritten form (unless announced otherwise in class) at the beginning of class on the days they are due. There are no "makeups" for homework assignments missed for any reason. But because there will be two more opportunities for you to turn in homework assignments than will be graded, you will not necessarily lose any points unless you miss turning in more than two problem set assignments.

Homework assignment problem sets graded will be awarded either 4 points (for more than half the assignment correct), 2 points for less than half correct but demonstrating a serious attempt to do the assignment, or 0 points.

Academic Dishonesty:You are encouraged to work with other students in developing answers to problem sets. But you must write the answers using your own statements, not duplicates of a single answer devised by your study group. It is academically dishonest to submit work as your own, that is work of a group or someone else. It is academically dishonest to allow another student to copy your work and submit as his or her own. If nearly identical statements are turned in, all will receive grades of 0.

Your homework scores are sent to you by e-mail from class records maintained by University Testing Services. HOMEWORK PROBLEM SCORES: Please direct any questions concerning your homework problem set scores to the graduate teaching assistant who maintains the original class records for this portion of the course. If you have unresolved problems see Prof. Fox. The graduate teaching assistant is Byungchae Rhee. Select Office Hours and E-Mail Addresses to get information on how to contact any of the course staff.

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Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments and Answer Keys

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