Rome in the Cinema


The following list of films is not intended to be exhaustive but to introduce those who may be attending the panel on representations of Rome to some of the ways in which Rome has been represented in film. So, this list is eclectic and selective. It is the sort of list that might prompt those who are attending the NCA/ICA conference to rent some videotapes and to reflect on the rhetoric of Rome in the movies.

We will be adding to the list in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.


ACCATTONE (Italy, 1961), Pier Paolo Pasolini

APRILE (Italy, 1998), Nanni Moretti

BELLISSIMA (Italy, 1951), Luchino Visconti


THE BELLY OF AN ARCHITECT (Italy-UK, 1987), directed by Peter Greenaway; with Brian Dennehy, Chloe Webb

BIANCA (Italy, 1983), Nanni Moretti

BICYCLE THIEF (Italy, 1949). Directed by Vittorio De Sica.

THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE (USA, 1940). Directed by A. Edward Sutherland.

CABIRIA (Italy, 1914). Directed by Piero Fosco.

CALIGULA (USA, 1980). Directed by Tinto Brass; with Malcolm McDowell.

CARO DIARIO (Italy, 1996), Nanni Moretti

CARRY ON CLEO (UK, 1965). Directed by Gerald Thomas.

LA CITTA DELLE DONNE (Italy, 1980), Federico Fellini.

CLEOPATRA (USA 1934). Directed by Cecil B. De Mille; with Claudet Colbert.

CLEOPATRA (USA, 1963). Directed by Joseph L. Manciewicz; with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton.

IL CONFORMISTA (Italy, 1970), Bernardo Bertolucci

E LA NAVE VA (Italy, 1983), Federico Fellini

LA DOLCE VITA (Italy, 1960). Directed by Federico Fellini; with Marcello Mastroianni, Anouk Aimee.

ECCE BOMBO (Italy, 1978), Nanni Moretti

ERA NOTTE A ROMA (Italy, 1960), Roberto Rossellini

FELLINI'S ROMA (Italy, 1972), Federico Fellini

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM (USA, 1966). Directed by Richard Lester; with Zero Mostel, Buster Keaton, Phil Silvers.

GIDGET GOES TO ROME (USA, 1963), directed by Paul Wendkos; with Cindy Carol, James Darren, Jessie Royce Landis.

GINGER E FRED (Italy, 1985), Federico Fellini

UNA GIORNATA PARTICOLARE (Italy, 1977), Ettore Scola

GLI INDIFFERENTI (Italy, 1964), Francesco Maselli

L'INNOCENTE (Italy, 1976), Luchino Visconti

INTERVISTA (Italy, 1987), Federico Fellini.

JULIUS CAESAR (USA, 1953). Directed by Joseph L. Manciewicz; with James Mason, Marlon Brando.

LUNA (Italy, 1979), Bernardo Bertolucci

MAMMA ROMA (Italy, 1962), Pier Paolo Pasolini

LE MEPRIS (Italy-France, 1963), Jean-Luc Godard; with Bridget Bardot, Michel Piccoli, Fritz Lang, Jack Palance; released in the USA as CONTEMPT.

LA MESSA È FINITA (Italy, 1986), Nanni Moretti

OPEN CITY (Italy, 1945). Directed by Roberto Rossellini; with Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani.

8 1/2 (Italy, 1963), Federico Fellini

PAISA (Italy, 1946), Roberto Rossellini

PALOMBELLA ROSSA (Italy, 1989), Nanni Moretti

PROFONDO ROSSO (Italy, 1975), Dario Argento

QUO VADIS? (USA, 1951). Directed by Mervyn LeRoy; with Robert Taylor, Peter Ustinov, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn, Finley Currie.

"La Ricotta" in RoGoPaG (1962), Pier Paolo Pasolini

THE ROBE (USA, 1953). Directed by Henry Koster; with Richard Burton, Jean Simmons.

ROMAN HOLIDAY (USA, 1953). Directed by William Wyler; with Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert.


SOGNI D'DORO (1981), Nanni Moretti

SPARTACUS (USA, 1960). Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Mann; with Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons.

STAZIONE TERMINI (Italy, 1953), Vittorio De Sica

TENEBRE (Italy, 1982), Dario Argento

THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN (USA, 1954). Directed by Jean Negulesco; with Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters, Louis Jourdan, Rossano Brazzi.

UMBERTO D (Italy, 1952), Vittorio De Sica

I VITELLONI (1953), Federico Fellini

THE WHITE SHEIK (Italy, 1951). Directed by Federico Fellini; with Alberto Sordi, Giulietta Masina


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