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Getting from the airport to the Sede di Roma

The very easiest and cheapest way to get from Fiumicino airport to the Sede di Roma is to take the train, then a tram, then walk about 400 meters to the Sede. It is quick and comfortable, but only if you can fairly easily carry all of your own luggage by yourself. Otherwise, it is best to take a taxi, which you can find just outside the front doors of the airport.

Here's how to do it.

FIUMICINO AIRPORT. When you arrive at the airport you will go through passport control and customs. At the baggage claim area you will see ATM machines where you can get some euros. Then you will emerge into the arrivals lobby. Go outside, turn right, and go up the stairs or escalator to the elevated bridge that crosses the street. Go straight ahead for the trains. This will take you to

THE TRAIN. In an open lobby area before the tracks you will see a ticket window to the left, some ticket machines, and some news stands. You can buy your tickets at any of these places--I find that the news stand is the quickest and easiest. As the cashier for a ticket, "biglietto" (beel-YET-oh) to TRASTEVERE (tras-TEV-er-eh), about 5 euro, and a Metro ticket, about 1 euro. Put the Metro ticket in your pocket--you will need it later. You will see two train tracks. The train on the right goes to the main Rome station, Stazione Termini. You want the train on the LEFT. Before you get on the train, stamp you ticket in the machine that is just by the end of the tracks, on your left, then keep your ticket with you in case you are asked to show it. If you do not have a ticket, or if you forget to stamp it, and an inspector asks to see it, you could be subject to a large fine. When the train comes, get on board with your luggage, and be sure to keep your luggage with you at all times. The train will make several stops as it travels to Rome. From the airport to Trastevere takes about 44 minutes.

Get off the train at TRASTEVERE. Go out the main entrance of the station and look for the tram stop -- the tram is an electric bus-like vehicle that travels on a track down the street.

TRAM 8. Take Tram 8 -- again being very careful to watch your luggage at all times and to guard against pickpockets. This is where you will use your Metro ticket--be sure to put it in the stamping machine when you enter the tram, and then keep it with you. Ride the tram until the end of the line at Largo di Torre Argentina, a large square in the center of Rome. From here you will walk to the Sede and sign in, just a short walk.

Here is a map of where Tram 8 starts, every 3 minutes, from outside the train station at Trastevere.

Here is a map of the route Tram 8 follows through Trastevere, across the Tiber River, and into central Rome at Largo di Torre Argentina. The journey is only about 3 kilometers.

When the train reaches its last stop, you will be at Largo di Torre Argentina, shown in the following map

Here is a picture of a Tram, near the Largo di Torre Argentina in May 2006


LARGO DI TORRE ARGENTINA to SEDE DI ROMA. When you get off the tram you will be on the west side of the square. You will want to cross the street at the northern end of the square, in the direction of a large bookstore called Feltrinelli. I suggest walking past the bookstore, leaving it on your left, and then turning left on via dei Cestari, which is even easier than the street shown on the map below. Walk up Cestari and take the street to the right just before the elephant statue. If you get to the Pantheon, you have gone one block too far. The street, via Pie di Marmo, twists a little, but takes you very soon directly into Piazza del Collegio Romano. You will see cars parked in the piazza. Walk down the right hand side of the piazza almost to the end, looking for a door marked 1B. That is the Sede di Roma -- you made it!

Here's a walking map from Largo Argentina to the Sede di Roma -- you can print it along with these directions and use it as a guide.


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