Tom M. Warms
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Penn State University
Abington College
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, PA 19001
Office 209 Rydal
Phone 215-881-7490
Fax 215-881-7623

Here is my teaching schedule this semester.

My education, work in progress, interests, etc.
S.B. (Mathematics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S. (Mathematics), New York University
Ph.D. (Formal Linguistics and Mathematical Logic), University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests
Pedagogy in computer science and other fields
Artificial intelligence; pattern recognition methods
Linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics
Issues of computers and privacy
Web ontologies
Technology and government policy
Work in Progress
Study in how students learn how to program computers
Study in how to construct a lecture using notes with gaps
Other interests
Sports, particularly baseball
Bird watching
Chinese cooking