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390 Assigns
Teaching Philosophy
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HPA 390  

Professional Development Course


INSTRUCTOR (Section 1:) Jocelyn Vanderbrink
OFFICE: 261 S Henderson Building
Office Hours: Mon: 10 - 11M
Tues: 2 - 3
Thurs: 3-4 & by appt
Must sign up on door of office
Graduate TA Kelly Ryan
Office Hours:  TBA
Undergraduate TA Mamta Patel
Email Address:

Welcome to the Course Web Page for HPA 390.   This site contains most of the course information and materials students will need for the Health Policy and Administration Professional Development sequence of courses.

Students who are considering HPA as a major or who have just declared HPA as a major are invited to use this web site, especially the resources page, to increase their knowledge of Health Service Organizations, employment opportunities, and departmental activities.  

Suggestions for additions to the resources provided may be made to Mrs. Romano at








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