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Robert D. Minard
Senior Lecturer, Emeritus
The Pennsylvania State University

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University Park, PA 16802

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Fall 2004 Chemistry Undergraduate Poster Symposium

Embracing Sicily (432 Pictures taken by me)
These are in the order taken, but without location information. I hope to ultimately fill in this information, but wanted to get them out while you could still remember where we were.

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Research Interests

Studies in the Chemistry of the Origin of Life


B.S. Chemistry St. Olaf College 1963

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Wisconsin/Cornell 1968

Post-Doc University of Illinois, Chicago 1969-1973

Recent Publications

Mattingly, S., Minard, R.D., Mueller, K.T. 2002, Structural Elucidation of HCN Polymer via Solid-State NMR, Astrobiology 2, 600.

Minard, R.D. and McGowan, B. 2002, A Test for Polyaminomalononitrile as an Intermediate in HCN Polymerization, Astrobiology 2, 592

Fray N., Bénilan Y., Cottin H., Gazeau M.-C., Minard R.D. and Raulin F., 2003, Experimental study of the degradation of polymers. Application to the origin of extended sources in cometary atmospheres, submitted to Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences

Minard, R.D., Hatcher, P.G., Kahle, K., Stauffer, E., and Amme V., 2000. Structural Investigations of Hydrogen Cyanide Polymer - (III): Comparison of TMAH Thermochemolysis Products from HCN Polymer and N2/CH4 Tholin. Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere, 30, 170-171.

Minard, R.D., Hatcher, P.G., Gourley, C.R., and Matthews, C.N., 1998, Structural Investigations of Hydrogen Cyanide Polymers: New Insights Using TMAH Thermochemolysis/GC-MS, Origins of Life and the Evol. of the Biosphere,28:461-473.

Professional Affiliations

Member, American Chemical Society

Courses Taught

Director, Organic Laboratories, 1988-2003

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