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MchT-111 ( STATICS)

Statics is a branch of engineering mechanics dealing with objects at rest. Statics is primarily concerned with forces on objects and structures, but also deals with certain properties of shapes and areas.

This course provides the foundation for many of the technical courses you will take later, and requires you to receive a grade of C or better.

Dynamics is a branch of engineering mechanics dealing with objects in motion. The topic is comprised of two sub-topics: Kinematics and Kinetics. Kinematics is the study of the motion with no regard to the forces involved in that motion. Kinetics looks at the forces involved.

In this course you will study the basic principles of dynamics and common applications, such as linkages, gears trains, and others.

This years' senior project involves the aerodynamics of a dirt track stock car. The five seniors working on this project will study the air flow across the car, the drag, and the down force on the car. The goal is to develop a method for evaluating potential design changes with respect to their aerodynamic effect on the car. Particular attention will be paid to the effect on down force.

The team will take two approaches to the problem. One is to build a model using rapid prototyping, and to test the model in a wind tunnel. The second approach will be to model the car on the computer and use CFD software to study the aerodynamics. If the results of the two approaches match reasonably well, the team will use the computer approach to study the effects of possible design changes.

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