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I retired on June 30, 2003 after working 41 years at Penn State. I started in 1962 with the Computation Center which was later reorganized in 1988 as the Center for Academic Computing which in turn was reorganized in 2002 as Information Technology Services (ITS). At the time of my retirement, I was a member of ASET (Academic Services and Emerging Technologies) which no longer exists due to another reorganization. I mainly specialized in systems software development.

I started working fulltime at Penn State in June 1962 at the Computation Center. While working on an MA in Mathematics starting in 1967, I continued working halftime at the Center as a Graduate Assistant until I received my MA degree in 1969. I resumed fulltime employment at the Center in 1969. Even though I worked fulltime 39 years (plus halftime 3 yrs as a Graduate Assistant), my official record shows only 34 years because they only count the last group of fulltime years.

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