Research Investigatorships


1.      2004-2005. “IA Scholarship Program at Penn State/Institutional Capacity Building/with Optional Year 2”, U.S. Department of Defense,  Total: $201617  Credit: $10k, Co-Principal Investigator

2.      2005-2007. “Automatic Discovery of Web Services”, e-Business Research Center, PSU, Grant, $5000, Credit:100%, Principal Investigator Term:.


  1. 2005-2006. “ DOD IA Scholarship Program at Penn State/Institutional Capacity Building”, U.S. Department of Defense, Total: $247,139, Credit:$10k,  Co-Principal-Investigator.


  1. 2005-2010.  Cyberinfrastructure and research facilities: developing collaboratory tools to facilitate multi-disciplinary multi scale research in environmental molecular sciences”,  National Science Foundation, Total:$2,300,000 Credit: 20% Co-Principal Investigator.


  1. 2005. Net Institute, “Empirically Grounded Modeling of Standard-Development Processes.”, Total: $6,000. Credit: 33.33%,  Principal Investigator.