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Timothy F. Miller


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The Applied Research Laboratory
P.O. Box 30
State College, PA 16804

Phone: (814) 865-1092



BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, 1982

MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, 1984

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1987


Research Associate, the Applied Research Laboratory, the Pennsylvania State University, 1988 - 2000

Sr. Research Associate, 2000{???} - Present

Head, Technology, Concepts and Modeling Department, 2005 (???) - 2009

Head, Energy Science and Power Systems Division and Assistant Director, 2009 - Present


Dr. Timothy F. Miller is a member of the research faculty and an Assistant Director at Applied Research Laboratory of the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Miller heads the Energy Science and Power Systems Division, responsible for developing theoretical and numerical models, performing benchtop experimentation, in water prototype development, and providing engineering design agent expertise in support of the ARL’s research and development of prototype energy systems. He has served as PI and co-PI on a number of programs sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (Vortex combustor, Al-Steam combustion, Hybrid combustor technology, etc.), as well as on DTRA and DARPA projects.


Miller, T.F., Finite rate modeling of vapor phase Al/steam combustion with surface effects, 42nd JANNAF Combustion Subcommittee Meeting, 2008.

Butuk, N., Berry, R., T.F. Miller, Ab initio evaluation of reaction rate constants for elementary Al combustion reactions-Part 1: Potential energy surface computation, AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, AIAA-2007-5637, Cincinnati, OH, 2007.

Miller, T.F., A. Garza, Finite rate calculations of magnesium combustion in vitiated oxygen and steam atmospheres, AIAA-2006-4066, 4th International Energy Conversion Conference, 2006.

Miller, T. F., J. D. Herr, Green rocket propulsion by reaction of Al and Mg powders and water, 2004 AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference.

Linnell, J. A., T. F. Miller, A preliminary design of a Magnesium fueled Martian ramjet engine, 2002 AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Indianapolis, IN, 11 July 2002.

Miller, T. F., Comparisons of simulation and experiment in a linear Al/steam combustor, Proc. of the 36th JANNAF Combustion Subcommittee Meeting, Cocoa Beach, FL, 1999

Eden, T. J., T. F., Miller, H. R. Jacobs, Pressure measurements and cavity shapes of horizontal underexpanded vapor jets with low condensation driving potential, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, 120:999-1007, 1998

Miller, T. F., Modeling of transient behavior in closed liquid metal combustors, Proc. of the 30th JANNAF Combustion Subcommittee Meeting, Monterey, CA, 1993

Miller, T. F., Numerical simulation of the flowfield in a liquid metal combustion chamber, Proc. of the 27th JANNAF Combustion Subcommittee Meeting, Cheyenne, WY, 1990

Lin, T. F., J. H. Mahaffy, J. C. Mankin, T. F. Miller, Thermal performance of oxidant injectors in submerged liquid metal combustion, Proc. of the 27th JANNAF Combustion Subcommittee Meeting, Cheyenne, WY, 1990

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