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Correll Lab

Dr. Pamela H. Correll


Research Areas

Macrophage Biology and Innate Immunity

Cell Signaling and Transformation





Veterinary Science Department

Pathobiology Graduate Program

Qingping Liu Xin Wei Shuang Ni Amy Morrison Pamela Correll Hami Teal Dan Sharda Michael Lutz Manujendra Ray Jie Xu Shihan He Caleph Wilson
Lab Members

Front Row: Qingping Liu, Shuang Ni, Hami Teal, Manujendra Ray, Pamela Correll, Jie Xu

Back Row: Xin Wei, Amy Morrison, Dan Sharda, Michael Lutz, Shihan He, Caleph Wilson



Lisa Finkelstein

Senior Research Fellow

National Human Genome Research Institute/National Institutes of Health


Amy Morrison

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of North Carolina

Jenny Ting


Michael Lutz

Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins - Cancer Immunology Program

Jonathan Powell




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